Friday, July 30, 2010

Bucket? Milo Says No

Today I *attempted* to soak Milo's abscess suspected hoof in Apple Cider Vinegar. At first, Milo was great, standing quietly tied to the pole.
I got his hoof gently into the bucket and he stood weight bearing on it in the bucket for a good five minutes. I wanted him soaked for 15. Well, than I guess a car drove by and dozing Milo spooked. Spooked worse when he realized he wasnt easily getting his foot out of the bucket. Spilled all its contents and pulled back on the pole. Luckily, I got him calmed down again and he didnt break anything (btw, we are still working on being SOLIDLY tied -like reliable).

Bucket attempt #2, Milo tried to yank his hoof out of the bucket again, got spooked by its clattering and banging around his hind legs, tie came undone and he pulled himself free from the pole. Ugh. No contents left in the bucket, but now I had to get him to be ok with his foot in the bucket.

Bucket attempt #3, Milo did not want the bucket coming near him. Spent some time desensitizing him to the bucket coming towards him, touching him, etc. Finally got his hoof calmly back into bucket. Milo gave small sigh of relief so I took his hoof out of the bucket and called it day. But made him stay tied to the pole a little while longer.

So my idea now is this: today, try and find an easy boot to fill with apple cider vinegar, hopefully someone at the barn will have one. I cant keep throwing money onto the ground with the bucket. Also, while I clean his pasture (estimated about twenty five minutes) I will keep Milo tied to the pole. That way, I can work on his tieing patience, but be right there if something goes ary.

Tonight I am leaving for Sekiu to fish, hopefully I can track someone down who may be able to soak Milo for me, or at least check on him... 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Apple Cider Vinegar

ff track from Milo for a moment- today is my 20th birthday! Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday when I checked on Milo he was even more lame than before.

Ok, so I have a little incling that maybe Milo has an abscess. He isnt really showing any tell tale signs of one however, but nevertheless, I feel like it may just be that. So, Im planning on soaking his hoof in some apple cider vinegar to see what may come about from that.

I hate seeing my horse in distress. He is such an innocent little guy. Hes been so cuddlesome and sweet the past couple days, just giving me the pitiful eye. Its kind of nice actually, to enjoy a little time together, holding his face and rubbing on him. And him giving me cute little Milo kisses on my face. :) Sometimes its rather nice to be forced to take a step back and just enjoy what we have.

Wes and I are shceduled to leave Friday evening up to Sekiu for some fishing, and come back on Wednesday. And, being the worrisome Mom that I am, I fear I may not be able to enjoy myself knowing that something is going on with Milo. And if he requires something like abscess treatment where he needs a soak and pack everyday, Im afraid I cant pawn that job off to anyone else and expect it to diligently get done.

Oh confusing, mixed up birthday day that Im having. Poor Milo.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

When Will I Get a Little Rope?

So waited all day to fianlly get off work and ride my horse, I arrive, and hes lame again. Looks like its his left hind. It appears to be more of an injury or sprain to his fetlock region, not hocks (thank God!). Still quite puzzling however because there is no heat, pulse, swelling, or fluid. Oh Milo, what have you been doing to yourself?

He was hilarious though in the round pen; after I longed him a tiresome maybe 4 minutes to evaluate his lameness, I began chatting briefly with and friend than Milo laid right down. Grunted and napped for about 10 min. Than got up and was happy. Seriously? Was the workout that hard for you? LOL

Monday, July 26, 2010

Point No Point

Yesterday afternoon some great friends of mine and their horses, all hauled out to Point No Point beach for a ride with our horses. Milo had never been before, so I wasnt quite sure what was in store.

I rode in our bareback pad, seeing as I didnt want to get my new saddle ruined by the salt water! Milo was great walking out there (it was a long road to the beach), but it was expected-heck this horse has done three parades and two rodeos!

Once we got to the beach, we were all a little perplexed about how to cross all the driftwood before getting into the sand. But after carefuly stepping through it all, we made it on the beach. Milos eyes got wide as he saw the vastness of the ocean. We had to maneuver around all the people on the beach, but finally got to an area with no one else. For a moment, all the horses stood still sniffing the water and not wanting to get in. Finally, Serenity and Neil got in, than Nick and Gus, followed by the youngest of them all, Missy with Heather on board. Milo decided that if they could he too, and he literally leaped into the water. Than quickly got scared and ran right out. He did that one more time, and than couldnt be convinced back in for about forty minutes, spooking as the waves lapped up onto the shore in front of his hooves.

Finally, Heather on Missy were able to coax Milo in with his rein, following Missy. He finally got back into the water and stood there for a while. He was trembling a little, but finally relaxed. He started trotting in the water and beginning to enjoy himself.

Twice more he was coaxed in with Missy and Heather. He even started venturing out into the water deeper and even started swimming! He started lapping at the water and playing in it a bit. By the end of it, we were completely soaked. It definetly was a lot of fun.
About three hours after being there, we all decided the horses and ourselves were tired and we should head back.

Sadly, we did not get any photos :( no photo documentation of Milo's first time at the beach. We didnt want to carry a camera on us and get it ruined by the water, so I gave mine to Wes to carry out there, but he and Brian didnt even walk out to the beach. So that was really dissappointing. Hopefully next time I can get a photo...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Major and Milo

Yesterday I had the opportunity to ride my friend's horse, Major, while she is at orientation for college.

Working with other horses I believe puts horsemanship into a better perspective, allowing me to become a better rider. And while Major was a good boy, it makes me appreciate my own horse! Major is a WP machine, but opinionated. And he stepped on my foot and had a pleased look on his face. But, I still was happy with our ride, and actually got some impulsion out of him, not something he willingly offers.

As I led him back from the outdoor arena, with Milo in tow too, I had a very satisfied feeling. And might I add that both boys are so sweet together. We say they have a bro-mance. Both boys were listening really well to me. Than Major gave a big sigh and licked and chewed his lips. I think Major is accepting me which makes me happy because he is very finicy about who he likes.

I than rode Milo, and appreciated his sensitivity to my aids. He tries so hard for me.

Id also like to mention how much I continue to love riding in my new saddle. And whats kind of funny is that my thighs are hurting after riding which I believe is because the saddle is putting me in the position Im supposed to be, not what I was in the other saddle. So my muscles have to get used to this new way of riding, ha ha.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tail Rubbing

For the past err two weeks or so I have noticed Milo has been rubbing his tail. Initially, he wasnt actually rubbing any tail out, so I didnt worry about it so much. I still pondered why he was rubbing in the first place. He gets wormed every two months so it cant be that. He just must be itchy. So I was taking extra time in cleaning his tail, top and bottom, and fly spraying him to keep bugs away.

Well yesterday I noticed a big patch is rubbed out right on top. It nearly sent me into tears! Ive never had a horse rub their tail before, and Milo has such a nice tail (and used to be a nice top of tail too) and I would really hate to see him rub it all out :(

So, what are your suggestions on what to do? What to treat him with? HOW can I keep him from not rubbing???

Crates Roper Reiner Saddle

Monday evening I picked up my new saddle! Its a 16" Crates Roper Reiner.

The saddle fits great for both Milo and I! I rode in it for the first time yesterday and its wonderful! Im actually in the position that Im supposed to be lol. Its a nice color on Milo too. I like the rawhide accents on it.

So yes, I know, I need to get a flank cinch for it. In the meantime I took the cinch off my roping saddle that Im selling to use on mine until I can get a new one. And yes, I am still exploring padding options. And finally, yes, Milo is still fat =]

I finally got my camera re-charged, and so here are some photos of Milo first meeting his old pasture buddy Champ back in late May-early June.

And just for kicks, here is Milo and I yesterday, and sporting my new custom necklace by Lynn Sullivan of Cowgirl Divaz. I love it! She did a fantastic job!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bareback Pad

The title says it all. I got a bareback pad for $5 off craigslist. And yes, its pink.
Milo has lost all dignity.
(Please forgive the extreme low quality-very old camera phone!)

The bareback pad is really helping though. It allows me to be able to stay on Milo while pushing him through his stubbornness while being ridden bare (he thinks he can get away with things) while also helping me regain my seat. I think its a worthwhile $5 investment.

Stay tuned for more tack updates...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Ear Training

So after Milo's little random episode with his wonky ear, he now is ear-shy. So I've spent about two training "sessions" on him trying to combat this issue.

Yesterday was about a 45 min training session though. He thinks he's a tricky guy. Even if he tolerates the ear touching, holding, scratching, etc he still swats his tail like a mad man in the back. So after waiting and waiting and waiting, he finally would give a huge sigh and his tail would be still.

I can see that this will be something that needs visiting every day.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Yesterday I rode Milo bareback as part of my New Years Resolution to regain my bareback seat. I borrowed my friend's bareback pad because last time I rode Milo bare he knew he had the advantage and was being a royal pill about everything. Yesterday the pad helped secure me to him better so I could better get results out of him and not have to worry so much about my grip (however, I do feel the side effects in my thighs from the about half hour bareback ride). But I did get probably the best bareback lope from him I ever have. I got him to be rounded and semi-relaxed.

I also noticed that he is much more dull to my left leg than to my right. Something I hadnt really noticed in the saddle. Hmm. I do know that my saddle is about a half to inch larger than I need which automatically puts me in an incorrect position for me, so I have to put myself into my correct position which of course, is not that of the saddle. I think this may be a factor. Im currently trying to do a trade with my crates for a Crates Reining saddle in a 15.5 or 16" seat.

In the meantime, I think I will continue to use the bareback pad when I can to help improve my seat and work Milo through his bareback issues. I need to make the most of its usage however because my friend who owns it leave for WSU in about a month!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Saddle Pads

So my woven hunter green saddle pad is in need of replacing, after about 9 years of continued use. Its splitting and fraying where the cinch tightens. I absolutely love this pad. Its long and desiged to be folded over so its thicker than the plan mayatex woven pads, its probably about 3/4 thick when folded over (how I ride in it). I got it from and cannot for the life of my find it again. I think it may be discontinued. I am trying to find one similar in concept-woven with the fold over style so its still thick enough but also thin enough to be put over my cashel pad.

Obviously, Milo and I are the closest to the camera. Click the photo to enlarge.

Im also contemplating color schemes. I love turquoise on Milo its great - but every other sorrel out there uses turquoise. Red looked great on him at the rodeo too but I dont know if I want to go that bold everyday. Suggestions? What do you think would look good on Milo?

What pads do you use? What do you love about it? Any links, products, photos, anything welcomed!

And btw, Im looking to keep my price at $80 and under.

This may seem silly, but I kind of want the color to match my boots since my jeans are almost always tucked in when I ride. Here are my boot options to replace my current ones:

Ariat Crossfire (my current everyday boot-maybe to retire to riding boots?)

Double H Ice Boots (red is brighter in person). Im just not sure if I want a roper heel to ride in again.

*7/15/10 Update:
I ordered the H&H Boots! And I found the pad I want:
Now I just have to get the money to buy it! Its $149.95. Cant you just invision it on Milo? I think it will look pretty good on him.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Fly Mask

Milo's new fly mask came in over the weekend. Its a Cashel with the drop nose cover and attached ears.

Milo doesnt seem to like it all the much, but as of yet he hasnt gotten it off, so we will see.

The ears just make me laugh though :)

I rode him on Sunday and he was fantastic! Until Heather and Missy came down into the arena; after that Milo could not get his brain back. This is probably the most frustrating thing I have been dealing with him for the entirety that I have had him. He gets so easily distracted and than cannot focus.

So it kinda sucked that a great ride ended on a frustrated note. Im running out of ideas for this now.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Heat

Wow. Last week here in WA it was about 62 degrees. This week its been a whopping 90. How can it go thirty degrees higher in only like three days?

Poor horses though. Milo was simply standing in the sun and was sweating. He even has a tan line from one day's use of our back up fly mask! So all I did yesterday was slather more sunscreen on his little pink nose, put his flay mask back on, and spray him down with fly spray.

Today is supposed to be even warmer! I hope Milo hides himself in the shade.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Friday Fun

This was Milo's Friday Fun last Friday...

Excuse the quality...taken from cell phone.


Yesterday (Monday) I had a fantastic trail ride with two friends, Heather and Clara and their horses Missy and Major (the Three Muskateers! All M named horses!).

It was the first time I had ridden Milo since the rodeo-I was going to give him a few days off anyways, but than the whole ear thing happened. He was very good for being a bit spunky. I knew I had some refreshing to do on him and the bit (he learned how to evade it at the rodeo) but he actually did very well.

We had about a two and a half hour ride on a beautiful day. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have FINALLY gotten our well deserved summer this week. Supposed to be topping into the high eighties (warm for around here). So it was a beautiful day and we all did a bit exploring- through a fresh clear cut and than found some random trails with named "road" signs on them. It was a lot of fun finding new trails none of us had been on before. And it was adorable because Milo was in as much of an exploratory mood as I was.

One of those rides that reminds you why you ride the wonderful horse you own :) Hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Confusing Buggers They Are

Well today Milo seemed almost 100% with his ear. He let me touch it, stuff my fingers in it, and there wasnt any goop or anything in it. He also had great range in motion with it, and held it almost 100% pricking them forward and stuff.

So, not sure what exactly was going on. Maybe a bug bite? Maybe he rubbed it raw while getting his fly mask off? Who knows what they do out in the pasture.

But to be safe, I still didnt ride him today in case the bridle would irritate his ear. Will be able to check on him again on Sunday (and hopefully ride!).

Have a great fourth of July! Go hug your pony!