Saturday, May 29, 2010

Its so beautiful!!

So last night at 10pm I finally bought a trailer. Ive been looking for so long I cant even remember how long exactly. But I finally found one that is almost perfect. And it was a great price too.

Here it is:

Its an Outback by Circle J. 2005, drop down windows, kick walls, padded adjustable dividers (great for Milo's huge butt). Its awesome. Wasnt too far away although we did get there at 10pm and got back home with at at 2am this morning but it is so worth it.

Ive spent the morning so far cleaning the snot out of it. It will still need another wash though I just got an initial one done. It had been parked under a tree so wasnt as clean as the pictures show. But there arent any dents or anything, it was all just green slime and manure. These are the photos from the sale ad, Ill take some of it hooked up to the truck and some with Milo cruising in it.

Im so excited!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Milo is getting a change of scenery

Exciting news!

Today Milo was moved down to the lower front pasture with the barn owner's two year old colt, Champ. This is one of the pastures I clean every Friday, and one that Milo gets turned out into. Its a good size pasture, probably an acre with a covered run in.

So far, when Ive turned Milo out with Champ they have gotten along great. Milo asserts himself as boss (which he loves because he is the one getting picked on all of the time, now the tables are turned because he isnt the baby anymore), than the boys face fight and graze together. I think it will be a good match.

The plan is to keep Milo there until he can be moved home hopefully next summer.

Oh, I forgot to tell you? Wes bought a house and acreage in Seabeck that we are working on to bring Milo home to. Just shy of three acres, and all usable! Fantastic!

So Milo getting accustomed to the front pasture will get him prepared for life at the house - not at a full care facility and huge warm barn. What will Milo do? (He enjoys hiding in his stall in the rain). It will be good for him though, I know he will enjoy the 24/7 turnout time.

Milo today, omnomnoming the yummy spring grass.

Dinner was in the stall, but Milo cared more about the grass pasture!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just a Quick Update

For just a quick update, Milo and I attended flag team practice this last Sunday; it was Milo's first time back after 4 practices missed. He did well and felt pretty good.

I did some warm up with him and worked him a little bit. To clarify a bit, I can ride him at a w/t/c and can give him a work out that way, but need to limit any and all collection or anything that may cause some torque to his hocks. No small circles, no rollbacks, no sliding stops. It putting a halt on our cow horse training, but Milo's well being is certainly worth it.
So I rode him in warm up and through three trot "run threws" of the pattern. Not that I expected anything differently, but Milo made a Mom proud that after a year of not carrying a flag he didnt bat an eye at me carrying one. What a good boy.
I can tell he is happy to be working again, if only just as excersise.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Viking Fest 2010

This past Saturday Milo and I attended the Viking Fest parade with the Thunderbird Cowgirls. This was Milo's and my third time in the parade. He was a trooper.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Great Strides CF Walkathon 2010

With Milo being at least capable of walk-riding, I was able to take him to the 2010 Cistic Fibrosis Walkathon this past Saturday. It was a five mile walk for a great cause, and a beautful day to top it off!
Some of us Cowgirls that came to the walk: Myself, Harmony, Lisa, Kristen, Stephene, Melissa, Lisa, former Cowgirl Michelle, and Jen.
In waiting for the walk to begin, Milo was loving on his new found girlfriend, Gracie, and chomping on her reins.

Milo and I, Melissa and Grace, and Kristen & Rylee Jo.
Milo being antsy and jigging in the beginning needed a repremand in which I backed him up. Unfortunetly, we were on the concrete and for some reason, his back end went down. He scraped the front of his hind left hoof but no other cuts were found. I was concerned about his hocks after the incident, but he hasnt shown any signs of anything from it.
On another note, I got Milo's Ortho-Chon II supplements today, so he will get his first dose tonight. Hopefully this will be the golden ticket for him.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

X rays are in

So Dr Hills came out yesterday and took the needed xrays for Milo. Below are the three out of eight that show some signs of abnormality.

This first one is of is left hock, the red circle indicates the point in which spavin (arthritis) is beginning to show.

Second, is another view of the left hock, th red circle indicates where Developmental Orthopedic Disease (DOD) is beginning.
And symmetrically, DOD on the right hock.

Prognosis? The spavin is not an uncommon, arthritis begins to form at about age 6 which is what Milo is now. And Dr Hills only saw a slight beginning of it in the left hock. He said that that could be whats causing the short stepping.
DOD he said also isnt too uncommon. But that is whats most likely causing the fluid. You can see that it isnt in a position where there is a lot of constant flexion. He said if there was a best place for it, it would be where its located now. He doesnt see it as something that would hinder his athletic career.
Treatment? We are going to put him on Ortho-Chon II by Platinum Performance, and in the next 4 weeks see if he is improving. Whereas the fluid is concerned, the supplements may or may not make them go away. We just have to try. He also said to start bringing him back into work. So there is still a small ray of hope I can use him in the rodeo this year.
All in all, Im very pleased with the outcome. Its manageable but not threatening.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Inevitable...

Well, I had the farrier out yesterday and Milo's feet can be ruled out as the culprit to his hocks. So the last thing I can do now is the xrays. Ive ruled out anything else that it could be before deciding to take on the cost of the xrays. But its all I have left now. Im hoping the vet can perform them tomorrow, but Im waiting to hear back from their office now for confirmation. I will post when I have results.