Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Story of Mini Me

So that's not really his name...but he does look like a mini Milo, minus the spots. :) I'll call him that for the sake of this post so we know who I'm referring to.

Here's the story.

I'd been far too busy to elaborate on anything pre-wedding, but even before I brought Milo home I knew he would need a friend. For the three weeks he was home before we left, I felt guilty knowing he was lonely and needed a friend. Although it made me happy how he would call to me when I came or left, I knew he really needed more companionship then just what I could give him a few times a day.

I didnt really want another full size horse. If I did that I would be super picky about the next horse. I would want exactly the ideal horse (aka finished reiner/cow horse) and I didnt have the time, funds, or means to get said horse at this time. I didnt want a goat, but I did initially want a miniature donkey. Husband convinced me out of it (although I still think they are ADORABLE) and we were told by other donkey owners they need two to be happy. I figured whatever second animal we got (well third if you count Angie...) I would want to be able to DO something with it. And you guys might remember how much I liked little white a mini felt like the right route. I wasnt going to be all sorts of picky about the mini I got. As long as he was friendly, healthy, not too fugly, but also not all weird show-y dish faced or dwarf.

I contacted quite a few owners of minis for sale, via craigslist, dreamhorse, facebook, rescues, and breed sites. The only other one I looked at was a rescue mini but she just didnt feel "right:" for my situation. As much as I wanted to do the rescue route and feel good about helping the mini out, I stuck to what my small criteria was: I wanted a boy and furthermore, it had to be a good match for Milo. A boy just seemed to fit the bill better. All the other minis I contacted owners for just wasnt right either: one was on the verge of founder, another was really a pony size, another was a girl, another was a stud. But mini me was actually the first mini I made contact for, but I depleted other options first. It really came down to how far away he was. Meeting halfway with the owners was still two hours away - each way. But I came down to him as he was the initial one I liked (that's exactly how I found Milo too...first was the best!) and looking back through his pictures he had all the "cute" factor going on. The only thing I wished for were some spots so we could go pinto, but in all honestly, I wanted a paint to go pinto with too and havent gone to a single pinto show yet, so...

Anyway, I found mini me on Dreamhorse and offered less then the asking price, but promised a great home and I sent pictures. I actually decided on him and paid for him before we got married, but I couldnt get him until we got back home. I sent payment for his trimming from the farrier too as he really needed that. Finally the day came around to go get him. I bought him sight unseen (I know, fellow horse-owners cringe), but I was going on faith and the honestly of the seller, who really seemed legit. But I couldnt help but worry during the two hour drive north what was going to come out of the trailer...

Mini me was a little bigger then expected...and a little thinner. He had dried mud on him too but nothing horrible. He looked healthy otherwise. He called and called, but thats not uncommon. He was pretty respectful on the lead. We loaded him up from her trailer to mine and that was it, old owner left. There Husband and I were at a rest stop off the highway with this new screaming mini. He headed to use the head and I stood with him in the trailer. I couldnt stand to see his mud any longer so I grabbed a brush from the tack room. As Husband was gone I brushed the little fella, who fell silent. He just wanted attention and a little love!

We headed back on the was a long drive home. We thought we would catch the ferry back and cut half of our driving, but the ferry wait time was at least an hour - I didnt want the little guy back there too long. So we drove back the way we came, driving around the sound. Naturally, there was a Taylor Swift concert at the Tacoma Dome tonight, so traffic backed up anyway. We finally got home nearly three hours later, I felt so bad. But we pulled into the driveway and mini me in the trailer screamed, Milo screamed, and I held my breath.

I Need Names!

Milo got a new friend today.  I will post more later but for now, this is Buttercup, who desperately needs a new name as he is a GELDING!

Friday, August 9, 2013

To Tie You Over Until September...

Life is good, no worries over here. I am just 9 days away from our wedding now and things are more then crazy around here! I've been so lucky to have Milo home now during this time so at least he isnt getting minimum I get to see him twice a day and usually a third before bed, or for a ride or hug.

Milo will move back to my old barn next Thursday and will stay there through the wedding and our honeymoon to Alaska. We return on the 28th of August and that weekend we will not only be bringing Milo home but someone else as well... :) more info as it happens, but for now, I will leave you will with photo of Milo and Angie and say "Talk to you again when I'm a Married Woman!!"