Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Late Birthday Present to Myself

A Rubbermaid Wheelbarrow! Its 7.5 cu ft (not that that matters much) but its exactly what I wanted. My non-horsey Mother asked what I wanted for my birthday this last summer, to which I responded that all I wanted was a new wheelbarrow. She laughed and I didnt get a wheelbarrow. But I've wanted one of these for a long time.

You dont realize how expensive things are until you have to buy them for yourself. I never knew how expensive wheelbarrows were until a few years ago when we bought our plastic green one to mix contrete in and pour a concrete slab. I saw then how expensive the really nice ones were. And after spending a large portion of the summer using a wheelbarrow that was cracked, had a flat tire, and about five pounds of dried concrete, I finally had saved for a new wheelbarrow!

I started work a few weeks ago down the road working and cleaning a few neighbors horses. The work paid off and I had enough for the wheelbarrow! My next goal with my "horse money" is the final four stall mats I need for the winter. :)

Its so pretty!
After cleaning at various barns for many years now, I knew exactly which wheelbarrow I wanted. When I worked at J's where I learned how to ride, he had two of these and they have always been, by far, my favorite wheelbarrows to use. They are easy to use even when completely full, maneuver easily - I can keep a hand on the wheelbarrow and one on a gate or anything else. I love being able to use one hand to move the wheelbarrow. I'm totally happy!

It quickly got christened with its first load.

Yay! Happy Birthday to Me!


SheMovedtoTexas said...

Happy Birthday!

Story said...

Happy Birthday! Awesome gift! That's like an ATV wheelbarrow! My horse isn't even at my house and I want one now!