Monday, October 14, 2013

A Small Bit of Progress

In small efforts to evade the mud that was so quickly invading a few weeks ago, I got my hands on a few stall mats for Milo. While eventually (and that hopefully means about a month) he and Moose will get moved down into the shelter of the barn and the mats will only have to get moved again, I got four set up on the muddiest corner of his current shelter. Ironically, the weather forecast says sunny and sixty for the next week so rain wont be an issue like it quickly was before, however I'm not complaining about the weather at all, and at least I will be prepared now. Moose's shelter doesnt actually get muddy inside so I'm worrying about his stall mats a little bit later. They sure are pricey and most people dont even sell them for a good price used, so a little at a time is the best way I can manage to do it right now.

Milo was wary of us carrying those big (heavy!) black things up to his shelter, puffed and snorted, so I tied him to the trailer to keep him out of the way. But he didnt mind one bit once they were laid down and by feding time he had clearly been enjoying the softer surface!


Story said...

I can't believe what a great temporary setup you've managed to put together. Do you get much wind where you are? I keep thinking that using a canvas tent as a shelter would result in a canvas kite here lol.

Nina Halvorson said...

we do get wind in fact three weeks ago we had a record breaking storm with wind and rain. I worried about the shelter, but I have concrete bags (that were ruined because we left them in the rain, so they are concrete blocks now) that I have tied down on each corner. The most the shelter moved was a shift like two or three inches. Occassionally I can see that Milo has pushed the corners a bit so I just readjust it and its not a problem.

Thanks so much! I feel like the ghetto, but I know my horses dont care as long as they have shelter! Not too much longer and they will be under a real roof, and eventually all this hard work will pay off!