Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Horsey Health

I discovered that yet again Milo is chewing on fence-posts. He simply is finding the ones that I didnt pre-rub with soap to deter him. Obviously, he is pretty bored. So with that in mind and wanting to get salt licks for both boys again, I put one up for Milo Sunday night. By the photo below, clearly he is enjoying it, if not for the salt itself but also for the entertainment factor. 

Moose on the other hand, has hardly done this same level of damage to his. After the first day he didnt appear to have licked it at all and I wondered if he even knew what it was. But today I noticed some lick rubs on it, so he must be figuring it out. His water bucket was also a bit less then normal so that probably shows higher salt intake too.

On other nutritional news, I've been considering adding oil to both the boys' grain. I once had Milo on Black Oil Sunflower Seeds for his coat and the trace oil, but ended up stopping, mostly from convenience. But I have heard about oil for lots of great benefits, weight gain, skin and coat, muscle builder, general gut health, and am seriously considering it, but what to get? Some people get Corn Oil in bulk, but I read that that might offer less then even giving them anything at all. Others feed Vegetable Oil in bulk too, but many standard oils in the supermarket have too much Omega-6 fats in them and horses need much more good fats like Omega-3, or Fish Oils. Without paying a pretty penny for labeled "horse oil" I'm trying to find another way...

But in the meantime I'm adding a few more things into both the boys' diets. Milo has had some squirty poo lately, so I'll add Dynamite Excel back to his feed for a while, Excel offering digestive health and pH stability so maybe a thirty day round would help balance him out again. I've used Excel many times and have always been happy with it.

I also have Dynamite Miracle Clay on hand, which I have used at horse shows before for helping with squirts per Sarah's recommendation. I used it only a few months ago too for balance. After reading more into it however from their website, I learned it really aids in detoxifying, poultices, and even ulcer health! If a week or so of the Excel isnt helping I will put him on some clay again to see...but I also have those prebiotics I've given Moose too so thats an option for digestive regulation too. But one step at a time, I'd like to see which seems to help through isolation first.

Thankfully, I have these options on hand!


SillyPony said...

If you'd rather the salt last longer, try the pink himalayan salt. You can get it in the brick from some places now including Schneiders, Rod's, and Smartpak. I also discovered that one for my Jolly Apple fit perfect inside the plastic block holder in the stall. They're un-bite-able. I don't like them on the rope as much because they wear through one spot to the rope and then no more hanging... although you probably have access to some decent drills. :)

Mare(+Missy) said...

Missy would go crazy without her salt block. I actually just picked up a couple from the feed store yesterday...she was out and when I came into her stall with it, she could not get to it fast enough. Not only is it necessary in terms of diet, but I also think it keeps her entertained:)

paint_horse_milo said...

Yes I've been wanting go get those Himalayan salts I just happened to be at the feed store and snagged these for the meantime. :)