Thursday, February 14, 2013


So two weeks ago Milo went to the Vet and got his usual routine things done, among them his teeth floated.

He was such a good boy, in fact, the Doc mentioned how mellow he was and how he just "went with the flow". It meant a lot coming from the vet because he has not only been Milo's vet since I got him nearly 6 years ago, but Milo can be such a little stinker for others that arent Mom, it made me really happy.

Oh and it was really sweet because when we loaded him up to go Boyfriend tried to load him for me and help me out, but he didnt know to tie Milo up so I turned around in the barn aisleway to see the open end of the trailer and my horse standing there for a moment contemplating, then casually turning around in the trailer and walking off! Poor Boyfriend was trying to get the divider unhooked and simply forgot to tie the Baby up. It was cute though that he made the effort and even better that Milo actually loaded for him (when we have tried to have the Boyfriend load Milo, Milo will usually have nothing of it and stand at the entrance ignoring his requests).

Anyway, aside from that, I have been riding about twice a week. Usually once inside the arena during the week then another time on the trail on the weekend. I should have a month or so off of school after work here soon so Im looking forward to that to have more time on the weeknights too.

So heres a dilemma I'm having. This started about two weeks ago just before I took Milo to the vet. He started getting a really poopy butt. Now his piles in his stall still looked shaped but he was getting dribbles of wet along with it. I wondered what that was from, but sometimes he just gets a funny day or two and goes back to normal. But it persisted for about a week. Then I thought well maybe since he just ran out of vitamins that his system was a little upset. I figured next paycheck (tomorrow) I would get his Dynamite vitamins and Dynamite Miracle Clay too to help. Now this last week nearly every day the BO has left a note saying that Milo hadnt finished all of his hay either from the night before or the morning feed. Just yesterday he noted that he left nearly a whole flake behind. I investigated to make sure he was feeding the right amount, which he says he is, and I also wanted to know how much on average was being left behind. Not a whole lot until the other day. Then tonight I arrived at the barn to see about a half flake left and scattered around the stall, probably about eight hours after feeding.

Now, Milo has been on the same hay for over a month now so theres no change in that. He's also usually very good about eating up all of his hay so its puzzling me. He seems to be drinking fine, and I checked his heart and gut with the stethoscope and he sounded normal. I also havent noted any other weird behavior - he seems to be just like his normal self. I have noted he has lost some weight on his topline and neck but I figure thats from lack of exercise, not necessarily diet. His ribs are not showing, but seems normal where I can just slightly feel them when brushing my hand over.

Im not sure where to go with this except get him back on his vitamins and add the Miracle Clay. Then in about a month's time I need to get more hay so maybe that will screw things up again or possibly make things better. Not sure. Any suggestions?


Marissa said...

Could he just need some probiotic added to his diet? I don't know if it could throw his system off enough to make him not want to eat, but it could definitely account for the poopy butt

in2paints said...

I can't really figure out the hay thing, unless his system is upset enough that he just isn't hugry for the hay.

Unfortunately I have a lot of experience with poopy butt. Lilly has the same sort of issue. Her manure looks fine (although she's never had firm manure) but she has liquid poo that dribbles out and all down her butt and legs. Hers was so bad at one point that I had to wash her butt every day. No other issues with anything, other than poopy butt. I never did figure out what the problem was after trying EVERYTHING, but I have her on a supplement now (U-Gard) and it seems to be helping. She stays pretty clean now.

Sounds like something has upset Milo's tummy. Maybe probios for a little bit would help.

Story said...

I have noticed a few horses around here lately that are a bit poopy, mine included, however in her case it turned out she had just gone into our first raging heat for the season. Yay! I know our weather has been wildly erratic and that can sometimes put horses off a bit. I'd certainly try putting him back on his vitamin and see if that helps.

As for the hay, I do seem to remember him being a picky eater in the past? Maybe you have a few bales that just aren't up to his standard. Keep us updated.

paint_horse_milo said...

Im wondering if that is it Story because this last few days he seems to be fine. He never used to be picky on hay until I started getting the higher quality stuff! LOL.

I put him on dynamite Excel and Priobiotics that I had on hand and hopefully that will clear him out after a 30 day "treatment". BUt he is also on his vitamins too again. He seems ok but I dont know what to rule it from - new hay bale, vitamins, or the cleanse.

Willow said...

Yes I would say probiotics too and perhaps some beet pulp that has been soaked over night.
We swear by adding soaked beet pulp winters, good for hydration, their weight, and their gut.
Nice that you ride twice a week. The snow here has been cutting into my trail time ...has been nice for snowy horse posts though!