Saturday, February 2, 2013

Milo...Oh Milo...

This last week was a super crazy hectic schedule for me. Monday and Wednesday I had school directly after work until 730, and Tuesday and Thursday I had acupuncture appointments also after work which ran to about 730 as well. I had the BO feed Milo for me three of the nights, but asked my long time friend Clara to feed one night and if possible, ride the pony. She has ridden Milo on many occasions  she has known him as long as I have had him. We all know he can be a little snotty for anyone who isn't "Mom", but I was hoping he would be a little better with Clara since she's ridden him bareback before even and he was fine.


I got a text message after work on Wednesday that my horse is a sh*t. Uh oh. I called Clara immediately after and asked what happened. All was fine initially, apparently. He was fine to handle, saddle, and walk and trot. Clara said she even enjoyed how soft and fluid he is and she had fun with some serpentines with him. But as soon as she asked for the lope, he would have none of it. Head in the air, super fast trot, threatening to buck, ears pinned back, the works. I wasnt too surprised to hear it because usually anyone else that rides him might be able to manage a trot from him, but the lope is another story (not that I condone it!). Clara was really confused because she knows I can get Milo to lope off nicely from a standstill and without doing some wacky off the wall cue. She said she tried everything and he wasnt having it. Something worked though for a brief moment and she reported that he shot off into a super fast canter. Definitely not correct but she was happy he was at least cantering. She called it a ride after that and put him away.

When Friday came along and I finally had the change to ride him, I assumed there might be some minor corrections I would have to make with him, but I didnt think he would really try anything that bad. I got on him, walked and trotted him around, worked on shoulder control (as she reported he ran her leg into the wall and spit her jeans) and working off the outside rein. He was doing really well. Then I asked him to lope. He lost it! Leaped forward bucking, leaping, and totally not doing what he was supposed to. I wondered if this was exactly the crap he pulled with Clara. I initially tried to push him through it as Mario had recommended when they do something wrong, but it seemed to only give him more reason to object. So I finally stopped him, backed him up, then walked a few small circles quietly until he started reaching onto the bit again and calmed down. Then we went into the trot and again waited until he was quiet and working on the bit again. Then I utilized the walls and the circle exercise Mario gave us, and then asked for the lope. He stepped into it nicely and from there was a good boy.

But oh man I was surprised that he acted up THAT bad. Sunday Clara and I are going for another ride together and I think before we head out I will be giving her a mini "lesson" on him and hopefully can talk her through his refusal to do anything if you arent Mom. Oh Milo.


Story said...

Crazy! It does make me think though, when he is the one horse, and you are the one rider, how much subtle communication you develop. I wonder if maybe when you ask him to do things you give him a series of very personalized pre-cues that you might not even be aware you're giving, and he has come to expect them. I know with all the horses I've had (well, maybe not Page...she was "special") it seems sometimes that I would only need to think of what I wanted and they would comply, and I don't think they were reading my mind. Then again, maybe they were. I wouldn't put anything past the grey mare I had lol.

I'm guessing that Clara is a good rider so I'm sure it's nothing she's doing wrong, but I can't wait to see what comes of the Sunday "lesson". I bet if Milo decides to give her a hard time it's over something really small.

paint_horse_milo said...

I'm pretty sure its just that he really doesn't get ridden by hardly anyone but me (his whole life) and certainly not consistently. But im sure you are right about the pre cues. And clara is certainly capable and hsd gotten him to do things before. But I too look forward to Sunday I want him to start learning how to listen to other people but me.