Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sorry to Break it to You Guys But...

I have the best horse ever. And there is no denying it.

He had the last two days off from Mom-time (three days off from any work). I was tired from work but wanted to ride. First, however, I let him loose in the arena since its been raining and we all know that means Milo stays in his stall (such a little baby, lol). He didnt have much steam to let out but a few pathetic leaps and a roll. So I tossed the bareback pad back onto him and slipped his bridle on.

We set off at a trot and Milo was going! His back was lifted and he had some awesome power in each stride. We did a few circles, I reminded him to turn from his hind not dragging with his shoulder, and then I loped him off. Tried a second time for a cleaner departure, and it was, and loped a few laps around the arena and a couple circles. There was hardly any correction needed from me even in the corners - he stayed straight, lifted and moved from the hip. It was so nice! I sat deep and sighed wooahhh and to my pleasant surprise, Milo scooted his little (haha) booty into the dirt and I heard the distinct skid of a slide. He righted himself and I dropped back onto his neck, hugs, praises, and kisses abound. I looked down and saw this:

If you look carefully in the dirt you can see the skids from his hooves to the end of the photo frame

:) I was so pleased. I couldnt decide if I should get off or not. On the one hand, I wanted to give him a great big reward for his efforst and I knew he wanted back to his hay net. On the other hand, I knew he did so well because he is really eager to work (loves it) and I havent been supplying that need as well as I should. To keep riding and lesser the reward impact of this great first time in the night stop, or keep riding, hoping that that is the real reward that Milo is looking for. I opted to put him away for the night. Carrots, kisses, and more hugs along the way.


AmberRose- Girl With a Dream said...

Glad he went well and you guys are soo happy :)

Story said...

And that was bareback, too! I will often get off and put my horse away after a particularly good maneuver, even if I haven't been riding very long. Always nice to end on a good note.

paint_horse_milo said...

Funny you say that, Story, cause I tend to find I ride better when I am bareback...I often am the most satisfied and get the best results. :)

in2paints said...

Niiiice... :)