Sunday, February 24, 2013

Milo's Poop and Apetite

So the day after I posted last I stopped by the local consignment shop, knowing they offer Dynamite products there. Although I had to spend a little more, I didnt want to wait a week before I had Milo's vitamins and cleanser products. To be safe, I bought more Excel, which you use for thirty days to clean out their system. I took the advice from all y'all and decided to put him on the Dynamite Probiotic too, which I knew I still had.

Vitamins and Excel in hand (oh and a free stall guard and a blanket clip - I love our consignment shop!) I finished the drive from town to the barn. Eager to get his grain going, I mixed together his normal dosage of Dynamite Vitamins, and pulled out the Probiotics from my tack box and found I still had a TON of Excel left. I had forgotten I had bought any! So I left a note to the consignment shop owner (who keeps one of her horses next to Milo - how convenient!) if she could swap the Excel for the Miracle Clay, a product I was debating getting when I was there as well. Sarah had me use the Miracle Clay at a horseshow before when Milo had nervous poops so I thought maybe if putting him back on the vitamins and a thirty day cleanse didnt help, use the clay. If anything else I have it on hand for horseshows now.

I mixed his grain and gave it to him then filled his hay net with the leftovers from morning in his stall and added another flake and a half. As the week wore on, Milo was eating to his normal appetite for the most part, and his rear got less icky and the poop got more solid. Things were looking good then I started him on my second to last bale of hay. While he isnt leaving tons behind he has been leaving some, so I dunno if its another icky bale or not. I have noticed, however, that he eats nearly every morsel of hay in the bag but leaves a lot more on the ground. So Im wondering if maybe I just need to feed all from the bag now and hes picky about the grit and dust that settles to the floor when its fed there. I have wanted to get a second slow feed net anyway so maybe thats the next thing I need to get for him.

In the meantime though, Im kind of freaking out because I have a bale and a half of hay left and Sarah has none for me (just like last time leaving me high and dry to find some elsewhere and this is where all of our issues are stemming from I think). Im not sure if I will get hay from the same source I got this half ton since Milo has been off and on with it, but my options are exhausting now...


Marissa said...

Glad he seems to be feeling better!

Story said...

Glad to hear he has his appetite back and he is mostly back to normal.

I wonder if he really does prefer his hay to not be on the ground with the non-food. But I'll add that when we were at our first barn, Dee definitely didn't care for some bales of the hay. She would pull it out of her feeder and spread it to every corner of her stall and pick out just the parts she liked, leaving the rest to be tromped into the ground. Darn princess!

I hope you can find a good source for hay. The last thing you need is to have to buy it from the local feed store or something. I was just looking at some bales at Tractor Supply yesterday and about died at the price!