Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Where the Property is at Now

Oh goodness, it has been a while since I updated you guys on the property status. My last post on it was in December, and while to some it may still look pretty much the same as it did then, let me tell you some work has been getting done in the meantime.

Taken yesterday in the beautiful sun. Those little black squares are from Boyfriend's target block, which broke, and the wind blew all the pieces around. 
The next photos are from last month, but they show the rest of the property pretty well. The main difference between these and how it sits today is the amount of debris sitting around which we (Boyfriend) has been diligently burning, and the other day he knocked more of the smaller trees out of the back pasture area.

View from the front of the back pasture (rear of the barn). Again, area to the left is the arena (where Milo will initially live when he comes home in only a few more months!! (hopefully) And to the left is the front pasture, where he will mostly be turned out in. 
From the corner of the property (back pasture) you can now see the neighbor's horses across the street. I think they are hiding in the photo though. 

The left here is where Milo's paddock off the barn will be, and the trees were recently fell from Boyfriend, so it visually looks bigger back here now too. 

Arena. It actually looks more cleared out now of debris since this photo was taken. Again, it will be about 70x100 we estimate, although Boyfriend thinks it will be a little bigger. In comparison to the arena we are in now, thats an increase of 10' by 10' or about 100 square inches, right? When Milo comes home, it will be sanded and fenced, with about a 12x20 structure, three sided like the shelter he had at the other barn. 
Money money money! The small alder load has since been moved to the load deck with the others, but it will be turned into firewood and some pieces kept for furniture. The other firs left to go are waiting, as Boyfriend didnt like the quote he was given from the driver, a friend of ours. 
Angie, checking out the back pasture. She loves running around the property - she'll like it more when Milo is home.
Back pasture from the farthest corner of the property (that I could get to and still get a decent photo from). With a few more trees to take out and some debris cleaning (it still smells like Christmas over here) it will be rockin and rollin! This is considered the "summer pasture" as the entrance to it gets a small seasonal "pond" that dries up in the spring. 
The plan was to get the basic structure of the barn up around August. But some financial setbacks have pushed it to possibly next spring =( unless we sell the F450 and get the 10 grand we need back, which Boyfriend is considering as a possibility. At any rate, we should still be able to bring Milo to his temporary location soon. I cant start saving money until I stop spending it on board.

Panoramic photo of property from the top of the back pasture. Click on photo to enlarge.
P.S. has anyone ran into the photo storage problem from Google and Picasa? I really dont want to have to buy storage, any suggestions? What have you done to circumvent this problem?


Story said...

That's such exciting progress. I'm so envious. We've been looking for property for years now and just can't find anything suitable (getting reasonably close to Husband's work means living in what other people consider vacation land and so it's all stupidly over priced and owned by out-of-staters, and if it's not then it's 10 acres of straight up and down mountain side).

I don't usually use Picasa for storage so I can't help you there. Everything tends to live on my computer or on my cell phone.

paint_horse_milo said...

I dont use picasa for storage, but apparently google/blogger does. SO when I upload photos I guess it goes on their free storage...

Story said...

Eee...I didn't realize that but just went to check (not because I didn't believe you lol) and sure enough, there is a folder dedicated to Blogger. What's even more annoying is that a number of the pictures in my blog folder are duplicates or in some cases pictures I never actually posted, just thought about posting and changed my mind. And I don't readily see how you can tell which ones are actually part of your blog and which are not so that you can do a cleanup. Needless to say, I'm on the job now. Definitely annoying.

in2paints said...

You're making so much progress! You might have mentioned this before, but how much acreage do you have? It looks like a lot! Milo is going to be so happy when he comes home! :)

I think a lot of people use Flickr for their photos... I don't, so I'm not sure what their storage policies are, but you can link to them from your blog and I think that way it doesn't use up Blogger's storage.

paint_horse_milo said...

in2paints; we have 2.7 acres - just enough :)