Monday, April 9, 2012

Perfect Day for Chores

Today was absolutely beautiful here in the Pacific Northwest, although yesterday, Easter, was beautiful too. Half of my day was spent in school (bleh), then I was able to get out and enjoy some much needed barn time. I always find it amazing how I can skip only one day (due to a Holiday) and when I get to the barn again it feels like I have been gone for forever.

First thing I did was walk out to Milo, who was turned out in the pasture, and strip his blanket off. Although he wasn't too warm I figured he could enjoy some sun rays on his back while I got some of the necessary dirty work done. He seemed to really enjoy that, but surprisingly did not roll.

I thoroughly cleaned his stall, right down to sweeping out all the old dust and dirt that has built up. Stall thoroughly cleaned, I hung both his midweight (which he has been wearing the last few days) and the heavyweight out in the wash rack and hosed them down. After all that was done, it was time to play with my pony a bit who now happened to be right outside the stall watching me. Like an idiot this morning I was in a hurry to get out the door and make it on time to my 8am yoga class, and I forgot my jeans. So not only did I have to wear yoga pants for the duration of my classes, but also to the barn. I figured using a saddle would be a horrible idea and I decided I would ride bareback.

But once I started shedding and grooming Milo (which makes me ask the question of HOW does a body shaved horse still have SO MUCH hair to shed??!) I decided I would continue with my cleaning spree and give Milo a bath, taking advantage of the warm sun and nice weather. I could always ride when its raining later this week (which is predicted) when I am wearing suitable attire too. So I got to work scrubbing and washing Milo thoroughly. He seemed to enjoy it, and had fun playing with the water spraying on his face too.

(Excuse the crummy four year old cell phone photos. I never seem to have my camera when I need it anymore)

Aww cute, wet Milo
Rest assured, Milo will always have a big booty
Halfway dry and enjoying some of the lush green grass (poor guy though, the nicest stuff was of course not next to the tie post.)

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Story said...

Love the big booty! He sure is a good looking boy.