Friday, April 6, 2012

For Trade - Mecate Reins

Just throwing this out there: I have a set of really nice mecate reins that I dont have much need for anymore. I seem to only use them when I go on the trail and thats just because they are attached to my snaffle bridle and the only other split reins (besides my real nice ones on my lifter bridle) are 5/8" and I hate how narrow they are.

So, I'm hoping to trade the mecate reins for a set of 3/4" x 8' leather split reins, of equal quality to the mecates (no crummy pretend leather). The mecates are 5/8" black yacht rope 22' (?) I believe leaving a nice long loop for reins and equally good sized lead. Mahogany leather slobber straps at the ends, the entire set values at about $75 new but the end of the mecates are missing the leather popper, not a big deal, mostly cosmetic, so I'm valuing them at about $65. Looking for a trade here, so please equal valued leather split reins, must be 3/4" by 8' long.

(Yes this is a really old photo - got that old Crates saddle on! Yikes!)

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