Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Frustrated with Milo

It was 1:45 and as I was leaving the driveway I got a text from my farrier asking what time I was heading to the barn today. When did he send this? I dont get reception at my house, so I wasnt sure if he was wanting to meet me or if it was sent the day before, or what. A few days earlier I had left him a voicemail saying that Tuesday at 1:30 would work for me, but I never heard back, so assumed he didnt agree on the time.

As it so happened, I pulled into the barn a little after 2 and there he was waiting for me. I felt bad wondering how long he had been waiting and if I should have assumed that we were in fact meeting. I had no cash or checks on me either, not getting verification that we were, in fact, meeting. I said hi to him awkwardly as I got out of my truck, and mentioned how I was sorry I didnt know we were actually scheduled. He seemed to brush it off with only a mild bit of annoyance stating he should have communicated better (come to find out after the appointment as Boyfriend called me, that my farrier had in fact called the house the night before and asked to talk with me. Boyfriend felt bad for forgetting to tell me, and I felt bad for thinking my farrier didnt communicate...but oh well now).

I pulled Milo out of his stall and stripped his blanket off. It was a warm 67 degrees out and I figured all of us would enjoy his nakedness for the hour that the farrier would work on him. Milo still felt soft and fluffy from his bath the day before, but of course managed to cake some dried mud into his neck (the day after I decide to take his neck cover off of the blanket too, go figure).

Everything was going fine and dandy until the farrier started pulling one of the rear shoes off. Milo started his typical try-and-pull-leg-away, but he usually gets over it after the third try or so. Today, however, he didnt just "get over it". No, he pulled his leg away and kicked the farrier. TWICE. I was so embarrassed as I beat my horse with the lead rope.

"It's a rare day that they actually kick me," my farrier said through clenched teeth and a quickness of breath as he hobbled away. I glared at my horse who looked snarky and amused, trying to bite my hand, the lead rope, rub on me, shift his body to the side, anything that he was not supposed to do.

"Let's hope this is his bad side," the farrier remarked as he moved to the next side. Though Milo didnt kick the farrier again, he was a major stinker again, pulling his leg away and shifting around, bothering me in the process holding his head. I was so embarrassed and upset when my farrier left. I couldnt even pay him that day and felt horrible. What a bad day.

Once the farrier left and I had Milo in the cross ties he was content and pleased, back to his cute, sweet self. I was still irritated with him, and with the sudden appointment, now had no time to ride before work. But Milo wasnt getting off that easily, I was at least going to longe him. He had been so sweet and cute the day before, why did he have to be so awful to the farrier?

What's more, he isnt usually a complete stinker for the farrier, only the first time this "new farrier" worked on him did Milo pull those antics. He had been doing really well the times in between, and now suddenly he wants to be a shit again. I am embarrassed, displeased, and upset at the situation, without really being able to handle it myself either: he is fine when I handle his feet, in any situation. I'm trying to sum it up to just a bad day/mood for Milo, but also can't ignore what came of it: kicking is never allowed. I am just very frustrated with him.

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in2paints said...

Maybe he was a little uncomfortable for some reason? I find that if Lilly is normally really good (or tolerant) of something and she has a really bad day that there might be something wrong. I agree that kicking is never something that's allowed, though... hopefully your farrier wasn't hurt too badly!