Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Aerial View of the New Place

Looking at this photo reminds me of a comment that Cedar View Paint Horses made on my post about our property. He commented on the "dense forest" we have around here. And judging by this aerial, he's right. I tend to forget about all of the trees we have here in Western Washington until someone brings it up, or I go elsewhere.

Here is the aerial view of the new place, because it helps put the photos and descriptions I've given it into perspective.

As you can see, Milo is in what actually is the "main (or lower as the topography claims) barn", I'm guessing because it is the original. The other barn (upper)  is newer, and I initially reserved an open stall up there for him. But after giving it some thought, I changed my mind and decided on the main barn. As the disclosure on the photo says, I didnt like the way the water ran in the upper barn creating a pool of mud right outside the stall. I really dont like mud. The paddock Milo is in in the main barn runs away from the stall so in theory the muckiest location would be at the end of the paddock. We will see how the winter fairs for this theory, however.

It's a quaint place, not like the 40+ barn we were at before, but you know, I like it. Nice and quiet and so far (and hopefully) drama free. I actually have met very few people at the new place so far. It seems after talking with the BO that my "ride times" are usually earlier then the other boarders. Which doesnt bother me a bit.

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