Monday, December 26, 2011

Bringing Milo Home

Thought we forgot about our property clearing? Heck no, I am still fervent about Milo come home. But it had been a lot of work getting people to come out and help finish the work. Fortunately, last weekend we had someone out to start clearing out the Fir trees (the first few clearing trips were all for Alder, but the Firs would require bigger machinery which is what all the wait was for).

There's Benny and Boyfriend starting the work with the Skitter
And the first Fir falls....(a nice crooked one right next to the house - what a relief!)

I had to go to work, but let me show you what I returned to. Follow me as I show you where the back pasture is...

Doest look like much, but the back pasture is only about 1/3 the way cleared...

Theres still this whole other side to it that hasnt been touched...

It smells like Christmas over here...hmm I wonder why??

View looking back from the rear pasture. Where the new mound of debris is is where the barn will go. To the right where a few trees are down is the arena, and to the left in front of the house is the front (main) pasture. 

Barn goes right here:


Front Pasture:

The plan is, once the arena is fully cleared we will fence that section first, and bring Milo home to live there. With Milo home, we can save on board costs and start getting the rest of the work done. Front pasture to be fenced before the rear, and with tax return cash, start getting the barn framed. We hope to have the barn finished before winter hits next year, but Milo will have a temporary lean-to in the arena. Once everything is finished and Milo is moved to the barn, then the work on the arena will start. Benny will come back out after the new year to finish clearing the firs when the log yard opens back up after the Holidays.

Getting closer!!


Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Wow, quite the big job. Over here in Cheeseland it's mostly farmland with pockets of dense forest, but nothing like that. Wish I could help run the skidder - that looks like fun.

Mary said...

Oh wow! That looks like a huge job! I can't imagine how nice i will be to have Milo home with you. It is going to be so nice when it's done! Keep taking lots o pictures, it's so rewarding when you do that. And I love before and after stories.

paint_horse_milo said...

CVPH- Boyfriend couldnt resist either...hes been playing in it since Benny left (today included), pushing down small trees. :)

Story said...

Ah, the bring our horses home! Having now seen the forests of the PNW in person I can imagine the job you have cut out for you. So exciting, though. I love the barn where we board right now but no barn could beat having my baby in the back yard.