Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year - Big Changes!

Ive been absent - I'm sorry. I planned to get you all up to date and had a blog post typed out and all. It explained the decision behind why I moved Milo to a new barn on New Years Day. Thats right - we've moved! I sat on that post for two days, not quite feeling right about it. While I felt that you guys needed to know why I decided to move, I had felt that I had already said my piece about my feelings on it in person, and it just didnt feel necessary to vent it out on here as well. In short, there were just a number of things that simply wasnt working out at the old place anymore, it was just time to go.

Where we at, Milo?

Making new friends that where.

Milo is now only 8 miles from my house - compare that the forty minute drive I was making before! The initial board cost is just a touch higher (although the pasture board at the old place before my work was still more than it is here), but in the gasoline alone I should still come out of the month a little richer.

Milo has his own stall and paddock...

One of the larger paddocks too, I might add - with a stump! I think Milo might enjoy the stump. :P

And a large pasture for turnout in the daytime.

The only arena is a lit 100x60 covered arena, and an outdoor 60 foot roundpen as well. There are also tons of trails (Seabeck is great for the trails, tons right outside my driveway as well!).

I couldnt get his ears up! This was just after a longe. 
Looking to the arena from the barn...and my truck lol.

Milo in the crossties:

I think we will get along here very well. :-) Milo seems happy as a clam as well, although I do wonder if he misses his dear Chica. But the mud marks on his neck and legs shows he has been taking his usual naps. Thats a sign of comfort!


in2paints said...

I wondered why you made that comment about Milo and Chica in your last post... now it makes sense! I know all too well the feeling of not being completely happy with your boarding arrangements, so I hope you and Milo will be very happy a your new barn!

Mare said...

password: notafix

Story said...

I totally understand where you're coming from. Notice I didn't give a whole lot of detail when I changed barns last year either! I hope the new barn works out great. And just think, next move will be Milo coming home!

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Looks nice! Your savings in time and fuel will make a huge impact. That arena looks perty nice.

Ruffles said...

The barn looks fantastic!! Milo looks really happy there.