Monday, November 7, 2011

A Little 'Before and After'

I took some recent photos of Milo's back and general shape. I was curious to compare them to photos I last took of him last winter.

This was the last photo taken, March 10, 2011, original post here.

The angle is funny (I couldnt get farther away in the barn aisle), but look how reduced that bulge is on his shoulder! I feel like his back is stronger too with more muscle filled in near the withers. 

November 3, 2011
March 10 photo
The line in his hair is from his chest guard. And the black on the top of the photo is my gloved hand, trying to block the backlight, haha. 

It looks like there is a bulge on his shoulder, but I think it was because he lifted his neck and was alert at the other horse coming into the barn, so I think he is holding some tension in his shoulders in this photo - you can see the line of tension right below his mane line too. Either way, I feel Milo is coming along, especially on the other side which has always been more notable as his stiff and tight side with that large bulge of muscle. 

Oh Milo, look how pretty your developed neck is now too :)

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Story said...

It's hard to tell with the hair but his muscling looks smoother now. His neck is definitely coming along! These pictures certainly seem to be evidence that you're doing everything right.