Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Consignment Find!

I bought a pattern months ago to make my own quilted saddle case for my About the Horse saddle. After spending so much money on it and going through all that I did to get the thing, I have been wanting to make sure I am taking as best care of it as possible. After visiting the craft store, however, the supplies alone made it not exactly as cheap as I hoped. Not to mention I am still a "beginner" sewer and feared spending the money on the supplies and butchering the building of it.

I kept my eyes out in the catalogs for a steal deal on one, but havent seen one I just had to have. Until....

I stopped by the local consignment shop and on my last walk through of the store, spotted a burgundy something hidden under some old bareback pads. What is this?

I pulled the find out from under the clutter and read the price tag: $50. That was do-able. I thought about it for a few minutes, but decided I probably wouldnt find another Bid D quilted saddle case for as good of a deal and in such good condition. I decided to splurge on myself, and since I just received a $28 check from the last consignments I sold at the store, I figured that check could go towards this purchase.

Florescent lights drown out the color, but it honestly is very pretty.

Ya, I put the saddle in with the cover on it still...Im a little paranoid I guess.
Hello bareback pad! :)
Ahh, sweet deals on items I already wanted. Yus!

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