Thursday, November 3, 2011

Updated Video

So I got some recent self-shot footage of working Milo. I wanted to compare to the last time I had self-footage done of Milo and I, and I have to say (without touting my own horn) we look so much better than we did over the summer! I feel like Milo is moving much more fluidly and over his back than before. Progress is being made! I also wanted to watch my ankles and position and see if I am where I should be. The video looks like my toes are out (which they sorta are actually), but there was no tension in my ankles and if you look closely they bounce and bang around loosely.

I also have to note after watching this, I never realized how low Milo carries his head. He really looks like a peanut roller. At least I know he isnt forced there, but thats where he is comfortable and capable of rounding up his back. Silly Milo, its just where he wants to carry it.

This first video shows some trot work, with the recent serpentine exercise from Sarah, as well as a bit of the figure eight circles we are coming back to as suggested from Sarah. Milo did well on both exercises! He is staying more straight through the serpentines and with me looking up, I can feel when he fishtails his rear out and I can block it with my outside leg. The figure eight circles went well too, even though I didnt catch on video when we worked on more complex parts of the exercise than just changing back and forth on the circles.

I picked up my stirrups (after being dropped a hole from my last ride) as I need to find a way to keep my ankles relaxed while in the stirrups. I felt I did a better job than last time, we are getting there. The first part of the lope Milo was feeling super fresh and freight-training around the arena. I am sad to see how much I had to use my hands, but eventually he came back to me, as is evidenced in the second video. I had to school him a bit at the lope departure as he has been getting anticipatory when I try and put him onto the outside rein and push his hip out. But eventually we got it.

I got a nicer lope the other direction, but the video didnt come out very well. This second video is a little bit of the turnaround work for strengthening his hocks. A couple of times I turned around to look at the footfall patterns in the dirt. Since I ride by myself the majority of the time, its the only way I can seem to determine if Milo is doing it right. After this video was shot, I got a nicer turnaround, and took a picture of it. :)

Oh Milo, we are getting better. :)


Sand. said...

Awesome job! You guys are looking really good and relaxed together. And you can tell that your spins are improving!

The only thing is...what happened to your helmet? : P

paint_horse_milo said...

the helmet that I bought (and reviewed on here) didnt work. And I still hate my old one. Thats not to say I never use it, but I still am at a loss for the extra cash lying around to get a new one...because the old one has a crack in it. :(

Story said...

That's funny, I always look for the "post hole" too when I'm practicing my spins. If I look back and the dirt is a mess, I know we're doing it wrong.

Milo looks so wonderfully relaxed. He's really come a long way.

Story said...

Have you seen this new helmet from Troxel? Troxel Venture. The last thing I need is yet another helmet for my collection...I only have one head...but the "free" jacket could push me to buy one more lol. I'm such a sucker for "free" things!