Friday, December 31, 2010

Revisiting Resolutions

This was the post I published December 31, 2009:

So seeing as it is New Years Eve, its about that time to create this years' resolution(s)!

Here are mine (horsey related and not)
Get my bareback seat back
Do more fun horsey things this year (ie go to the beach, attend a local show)
Find a new saddle to fit Milo (and sell the other two!)
Stop being so negative (Im doing better!)
Get a new job
thats all I can think of. All of which are attainable! Happy New Year! Heres to a new year and a new DECADE!
Did I acheive these? I did in fact - every single one! Im so proud of myself :) Lets recap, shall we?
Get my bareback seat back - I have such a better seat than I did this time last year. I can confidently walk, trot, lope, stop, circle, sidepass, trail ride, and more with a secure bareback seat now. Last year I could barely jog without falling to the outside. While I feel that with any type of riding, we are always learning how to better ourselves and our horses, I do believe that I have my seat back from which I was referring - when I was 13 years old and would gallop freely in an open pasture on my 20 year old gelding, than stride right up to a two foot vertical and take it in a halter. Now I dont plan to jump anytime soon, I do feel confident that I would land on the other side astride Milo still (however probably a bit unsteady).
This goal is a very proud thing for me. It required me making a conscious effort to take the harder route versus the easy one to be able to better myself (and in turn, its helped Milo too). While over the summer I did have a decent fitting saddle, I still made a conscious effort to ditch it for some bareback time. And although now I dont really have a choice whether to ride bare or not, I do feel that in certain situations, I know that I can benefit from bareback still.
Do more fun horsey things this year (ie go to the beach, attend a local show) - I did do many fun things this year. I did in fact take Milo to the beach, although did not get any photos from the event. A recap of that event is available here. I did also ride in the Thunderbird Rodeo which is another fun horsey thing.
Find a new saddle to fit Milo (and sell the other two!) - Alright. Well, I did indeed find a new saddle for Milo - two in fact. And I did sell one of the two I had mentioned - the show saddle is still for sale, however. And now I still have two saddles to sell. But I do have a new saddle in mind for Milo when the other one sells. So, yes this one did get accomplished...but its complex.
Stop being so negative (Im doing better!) - Ahh, a personal goal. Another one I still believe will be a constant learning road. Boyfriend and I are living on our own meaning no roommates! Which was a huge factor. And I have been consciously trying to think positive. To invision what I wanted and make it happen. 2010 has really been a good year for me mentally. A large reason for being upset all the time was my job.

Get a new job - And finally, this too did happen. I have been happily working at my new job since March 29, 2010 and that has exponencially added to the previous goal.

This year has been huge for revelations with me. I have learn so much about myself and have grown quite a bit as well. Ive changed for the better as well. I have learned to see the positive in everything and how to make my dreams attainable. I have also learned so so much in the world of horses. Almost too much to write down in a list-like format. But Ill try. Ive learned how imperative saddle fitting is. Ive learned how everyone has something to teach - and how not only to take it with a grain of salt, but to find a way to weed out what works and what doesnt. Ive learned even more about how the equine body works. Ive witnessed the heart drop when I wasnt sure what my future with Milo might be like. I learned how to adapt for my horse. I learned how grealty my body positioning effects my horse. I learned how to listen to my horse. Ive learned so much more about reining and cows than I ever did before, and how much dressage is an influence to a well broke reining horse. I have learned a lot. And the journey simply continues - imagine what I'll know by next year!

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