Monday, June 28, 2010

Phew! Fantastic Rodeo!

Back from the rodeo. Wow what a weekend. A lot of fun, and quite tiresome.

Heres the long and the short of it:
Saturday performance went well with a few spacing issues, but overall not too bad. Milo performed his best in this one.
We also did two sponsor runs:
Video from Saturday performance:

Sunday our performance overall was much better, however Milo did his worst in that one.

Sunday was our day to move the cows out of the arena in four events. Milo absolutely loved it. He was a spitball of energy!

Not the greatest of photos, they dont show off how well Milo actually did with the cows, but I do appreciate them anyways! Oh yeah, and my boyfriend's truck was the pick up truck for the barrels both nights. Here is Sunday:
I have more photos, but Im short of time. Maybe I will get a photobucket album of them and post them on there.

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