Monday, November 29, 2010

Milo gets a new Do!

I had been waiting the past few weeks until the BO was ready to help me body clip Milo. She was out of town, than had her own horses to clip, than we had that huge storm last week (which in hindsight is a good thing he wasnt clipped yet). Friday I got to see my boy again. It was a great day filled with horses and friends. My close friend who is away at WSU in Pullman was up for the Thanksgiving holiday and I was able to pick her up Friday morning and spend the day with her. We stopped at Sarah's to get her saddle for the show the next day too.

Daylight for my Friday cleaning! Being that it was Black Friday I didnt have to work, so I took the opportunity (plus the extra set of hands) to get the pastures done. But first, I had to go see my Milo!! I gave him lots of hugs and kisses and he gave kisses in return! Its not just wishful thinking, I could tell Milo was happy to see Mom too, nickering to me and coming to the gate. It was so good to see him, and he watched me during most of my pasture cleaning, almost looking at me like "Hello? When are you going to stop doing that and come and get me?"

Heather had pulled Missy (Milo's girlfriend) out of her stall and began clipping her. Clara and I watched and waited until she would tack up. Than I remembered about wanting Milo clipped, and reminded myself to ask Heather's Mom, the BO about when we could get it done. Heather said well Ive got clippers right here, lets just do him after Missy. Well ok. So I went and got Milo from the pasture and threw him into Missy's stall until she was done.  Missy got a sort of modified trace clip.

We put Milo into the cross ties and I went to grab the clippers from Clara. She held tight to them saying she wanted to clip him. Clara had helped me do a semi-trace clip on Milo two years ago, so I wasnt fearful for what he would end up looking like. I told her to just clip his neck on both sides and I would decide what I wanted her to do for his body. When finished with that, we proceeded to clip his shoulder and chest. I had originally thought that I wanted him to have a full body clip. Than I pondered that there wouldnt be much support on his back where the saddle sits, and as I could recall, body clips left a patch on the back for a saddle. So I had her do a trace looking clip along his sides, still leaving hair for the lower cinch area and is belly since his blanket doesnt have a belly band. Than I decided that he really didnt need his butt clipped off because he never sweats up on the top, just below near his gaskin. So I had her continue the straight line across his belly along his rear.
We stepped back and had a look. Her lines werent very straight so I took the clippers from her and fixed them. I later discovered that the clip lines at his poll on the right side where really botched up but I would have to fix that later.
Milo looks so butt high! Hes not that downhill!

Sarah had not only lent me her saddle but also handed me a bit to try on Milo. Im not sure of the exact name of it, but its made by Les Vogt. I cant find a decent picture of it online, I will try and take a photo tomorrow. She said to try it out on him, saying it will help him really work over his back and break at the wither and poll, not the third vertebrae. I didnt put it on on Friday for two reasons: a) I hadnt ridden him in a week and wasnt sure of the horse I would be riding today and wanted to keep things the same for him which ties into b) I was taking him to the reining show the next day and didnt want him confused. I think I will try it out this week though. But I really want to get him on track in the bosal than a shank bit. I need to get some lessons going with Sarah to get him into the bosal.

Edit: Melissa from sent me a photo of the bit:

Sorry, sidetracked. I had a great ride Friday evening. Milo was moving oddly at the lope to the right, which if you remember, is the lead he kept trying not to take on the longe line. Well, I had only longed him at a walk and trot before getting on because the arena was literally packed (one other longer besides me, and five other riders on the rail!). Our first lope to the right he didnt feel like he was engaging his hocks very much, moreso, he wasnt reaching up underneath him like he usually does. He didnt feel lame, just not engaging. The second try at the lope by the third circle he felt much better, and loping to the left he felt perfectly fine. So Im not sure what is going on, I thought maybe I hadnt warmed him up enough in our body exercises that Sarah had shown us - really losing up each part of the body to get them working together. But he was moving strangely a few weeks ago too. And I cant blame it on the cold weather for that reason either.

But the clip sure helped for cool out time! I of course still cooled his muscles down, but didnt have to spend a half hour or more with the cooler. I fitted him in his heavyweight turnout blanket and the neck cover I just bought him (than realized the blanket doesnt have a ring on the wither for the neck attachment - oops hope it stays on overnight), packed up the truck for the trailer, than put him away in his pasture with a carrot. It was so great to see my horse again.


in2paints said...

He looks so cute with his new clip! I've never body clipped any my horses before, but was thinking about doing one on Lilly last year until she hurt herself. I was planning on doing just the neck and belly clip.

Good luck with the new bit. I'm anxious to see how you like it.

Story said...

That would be an elevator bit. Les Vogt does a really good explanation of its mechanics here