Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Being Thankful

Well, the power just came back on at our house this morning, we were out for 36 hours! But we luckily had gotten the woodstove put in Sunday, so we beat the storm! Sunday night the temperature dipped below freezing, than began to snow lightly. By morning, it hadnt stuck to the roads too bad so we ventured out to work. It was forcasted to start snowing again Monday afternoon, but Mother Nature had other fact, two hours after getting to work (8:30am) it began snowing lightly in Poulsbo. But we continued to work, seeing as it wasnt sticking too bad. I got a call at about noon from the Boyfriend who was sent home due to weather (hes a commercial truck driver - no driving means no work) and he said that the roads heading home were looking pretty bad, I should try and leave work soon. So I left at one. I really wanted to make it out to Milo since I hadnt seen him since the Friday before, but knew that if Boyfriend in his huge F350 was saying roads were getting bad, I shouldnt chance it in my F150. So I headed home, hoping the snow would melt soon and I could see Milo the next day, or maybe Wednesday.

Boyfriend was right, the roads were bad. I fishtailed twice on the highway, and again on Holly road (about ten minutes at speed limit from home). After the third fishtail, I said uh-uh and put the 4x4 High on. I 4x4ed it safely home (at 20mph - can you believe people actually were PASSING me?? I was like what the heck people, Im going this slow for a reason). There were about 4 inches of snow at home and it was already starting to freeze over.

We then lost power at about 5pm Monday night. We sure did crank that fireplace up. Tuesday morning it was cold. It had hit about 20 overnight and it made the roads a literal sheet of ice. But we ventured out down the road in my truck (which apparently fares better in the snow than Boyfriend's) to make phone calls into work (no cell coverage at the house, and no home phone with the power being out). No work. Boo, that means no horse either (remember my post about my horse needing to be home? Ya lets add to that!). We made it to the gas station just down the road to pick up some supplies, than heard that power was out to over 3000 people in th county, with power back in Seabeck estimated on about Friday. Oh poo.

Another dark night last night, another cold night too - 13 degrees! We had closed off the other side of the house (where the bedrooms are) to conserve the heat to the living room, than slept on the couch where it was warm.

Well there must be a God because power came back on here at 8am this morning. Its still cold outside, and its still frozen over. Now if there was a loving God, he would melt the roads so I could see my horse today!! Im guessing that either the show this weekend will be canceled, or we just wont be able to go (boo!). Oh well, I just want to see my horse its been five days today!

Oh right, I was making the post for the things that I am thankful for. Well, Im thankful that the power is back on, as well as our fireplace :) But since a picture says a thousand words, here are a few:

But Im also thankful for my family, my friends, my home, and my job, I just couldnt find good enough photos to represent those. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and heres to hoping there is a Thanksgiving miracle for Boyfriend and I in the roads thawing and being able to make it to our family's feast.


Kate said...

Good timing on that woodstove!

in2paints said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Looks like you have many things to be thankful for. Hope you get to see Milo soon! :)

Kritter Keeper said...

happy thanksgiving...sorry you all are having such bad weather!