Thursday, December 2, 2010


This little Cowgirl here has been absent from posts lately. I have one ready for posting form last weekend's reining show. Unfortunetly, the video of the class was taken on Boyfriend's phone, and we have had a terrible time finding a Wi-Fi spot to get it uploaded. So you all will remain in suspence for results from that show, as I dont want to post it without the video yet!

I rode Milo in Les Vogt's elevator bit that Sarah had let me borrow for the firs time on Tuesday. He did a lot of mouthing with it and trying to figure out how to hold it-especially since it sits lower in his mouth than the snaffle. He did well, I just walked his around mostly, a little trotting, and asked for a circle and things, just letting him figure it out. He was very very sensitive to it but was wanting to break at the third vertebrea instead of the wither and poll. Eventually he got it a bit. As with anytime you "move up the ladder" with training or equipment, you find holes in the previous work. I dont think we have any real "holes" more just things that arent 100%. Not to mention he was a little inconsisent from lack of steady work the two weeks prior.

So Wednesday I put him back into the snaffle to set a few things straight again. He wasnt too bad, but his issues with the right lope are still aparent. Luckily, I have a lesson set up with Sarah for tomorrow, so she can help address this issue and see if there is anything going on she can help with. Im also very much looking forward to the lesson itself, I cant wait to get more knowledge from Sarah! Plus, theres a small chance I can pull out one of the cows (the lesson is at DHR) to work on some dry stuff with (fingers crossed).

So, short update, but hopefully I can post the show post soon. :)

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in2paints said...

I can't wait to hear how the show went. And just for the record, I think keeping information from us is cruel. :)

Lessons are definitely great, especially when you have an instructor you like. Good luck with those!