Sunday, August 22, 2010

So Nice to be on Cows Again

Yesterday evening Chimicum Tack and Saddlery held another one of its cow sorting events (they try and hold these every other week). This time Wes' and my shedules finally matched up-no fishing or anything else to block being able to do this event. While it was basically for schooling, no jackpot, it was still absolutely fun and great for both Milo and I get get back on cows.

The first two rounds Milo was a little rusty, which I wasnt surprised about because he hasnt been on cows in January. But after a little warm up, he got back into the swing of it. We helped a friend Ashley learn the ropes a few rounds, so it was a good opportunity to school Milo on the cows as well, he gets a little too excited sometimes and forgets how to listen.

But because Milo is so great, he got his game back on and we got a few nice rounds of schooling in.

It was interesting to work these cows. As you may be able to see there are rather large ones than smaller ones. Milo and I had only worked smaller steer before, but the size didnt really make a difference....these cows could be really stubborn. #4 for instance just would not cooperate, and #5 liked to sneak in behind me. But it was really good actually because it allows us to improve our skills and Milo had to get a little more aggressive with our tactics. 

"But MOOOOM, I wanna keep chasing it!!!"
"Milo, FOCUS."
"Oh, alright. Like this?"

"Yes Milo, like that. Goooood Boy!"

"See Mom, did you see that? I got TWO in at once! #4 and #5"

A friend I met at the January clinic, Donna and her horse Cash did the final two runs with us. Getting down and serious made for a fantastic finishing ride at 43 seconds I believe. 

All in all, it was a great night. And definitely one I will attend again before their season ends in October. And while Chimicum isnt as close as I would like, its only about a thirty minute ride, and at only $25 for neary unlimited gos, definitely a good deal. 

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in2paints said...

How cool is that?! :) I wish there were some cows around here I could play with... Lilly is terrified of cows, but with any luck she'd get over it eventually!