Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My First Time Administering Shots

Yesterday Milo got his yearly immunizations, and for the first time they were given by me!

My barn owner bought the shots in bulk so all I had to do was pay for them from her, and she showed me how to give the shot. Milo was great, better in fact than he is for Dr Hills-what a momma's boy.

The first one I gave was the three-way, and I got the needle in fine, but when I thought I attached the suringe to it and pushed to get the stuff in, it splattered all out and into my face. So obviously I didnt secure it correctly. I had to buy a second one from the BO. At least I learned!

I got the second one in on the other side fine, and Milo was a real champ. I think part of it was he wasnt expecting Mommy to do something like that to him! I went to try my second attempt at the three-way on the same side as the first, and this time his neck was tense lol. But I got it in fine and so squirting everywhere else.

Than Shannon the BO gave him his strangles up the nose, which I was surprised by just how well Milo took that. I didnt think he would much like it up the nose.

I was rather proud of myself for administering them myself, and saving a good bit of money from not having the vet out. And of course, Im proud of Mr Milo for being such a good sport, even if he endured one more needle from Mom's goof.


Kate said...

You should be proud! I do IM injections in an emergency, never IV, but our vet does our vaccinations. And thank you for visiting my blog!

paint_horse_milo said...

Thanks Kate. Your blog is a wealth of information and a great read Thanks for sharing!