Friday, August 20, 2010

Exercise is Good, Right?

I did my Friday pasture cleaning today, but did more than just the usual. I cleaned ever inch of the pastures, catching up on areas that I had been skipping due to the heat. But I felt really good about thoroughly getting all caught up.

There is a new mare out in the pasture too, and she may be going up to a closer pasture/stall with Milo first of September when he moves up. So to see how they would get along, I put Milo out with her while I cleaned. Oh man, she does NOT like Milo in the slightest. Double barrel kicking at him, squealing, chasing him thoroughly throughout the pasture, exiling him to the corner. My goodness. Milo was a bit confused as to why she doesnt like him so much. I blame it on her hormones. Crazy pregnant mare lol.

While he was still out in the pasture with her, Wendy came down to feed everyone. Naturally, Milo tried to go into one of the two stalls and wait for grain (although he wasnt going to get any because it isnt his pasture and he was only going to be moved back to the other one with Jake), oh boy, Miss Prego Mare was not having any of that and exiled him to the far corner of the pasture again. I had about 2 wheelbarrows left of manure to pick up before I was going to move him back to his pasture, and ultimately his grain, and he stood at the fenceline next to me just begging to get out of the pasture.

When I finished, I figured he would probably meet me at the gate like he usually does, and Ill just easily put him away and leave for the evening. Well, surprisingly, Milo had other ideas. So I had to work him in the pasture, aka chase him until he was respectful and listening to me again. Which got Miss Prego riled up too (naturally). I did after about 5 minutes get Milo to quietly follow me all the way back over to the gate where I haltered him than longed him briefly to show him whose who again, than led him back to his pasture.

I expect Milo (or any horse really) to stand patiently next to me while I fiddle and mess with taking the halter off, or say putting a fly mask back on. Typically, Milo is great about this. Today, Milo was just offended by the fact that he didnt get his grain when everyone else did. I took the halter off, and while getting the velcro undone and ready to put on him, he nonchalantly started to walk away to the stall. Hell no dude! So a chase around that pasture was in order as well. He finally gave up and walked to me and stood patiently for me to put the mask on. I than told him he was done.

I figured, well what the heck. I need to work on him more on feeding manners and while Im already in I grabbed his grain bucket and a lead rope and went to feed. Typical Milo, trying to barge his way into the stall. But after only a few threats with the lead rope swinging at him, he stood quietly after I dumped the grain in his bucket and stood at the entry to the stall. And to clarify that he does NOT point his butt at me (as he did a few times during chasing) I asked him to disengage his hind away from me a few steps and continue standing quietly a few feet away from me and the stall. He did so very well. So he got a nice pat on his face and neck and a "good boy" and as I walked away, he very calmly entered his stall and enjoyed his grub.

I may not have ridden today, but it was very successful in a few different ways.

Tomorrow: COW SORTING!!

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