Friday, August 6, 2010

It Blew!

We got back from our fishing trip on Wednesday evening, but I wasnt able to see Milo until last night. And, surprise, Milo wasnt lame!! Upon examination, it looks like the Apple Cider Vinegar did the trick after 5 soakings from a wonderful friend, Heather, and the abscess blew out his heel bulb, the same location that before I left I had noticed was the only tenderness I could find.

So thank God it really was only an abscess, and fortunetly, it blew out nicely. I packed it and wrapped yesterday, and when I took the EZ Boot off today everything looked great and Milo sure seemed to be feeling good.

Tomorrow I think I may hop on him for a brief ride. I havent ridden since we took him to the beach almost two weeks ago, cant wait to get in the saddle again. :)

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