Friday, July 30, 2010

Bucket? Milo Says No

Today I *attempted* to soak Milo's abscess suspected hoof in Apple Cider Vinegar. At first, Milo was great, standing quietly tied to the pole.
I got his hoof gently into the bucket and he stood weight bearing on it in the bucket for a good five minutes. I wanted him soaked for 15. Well, than I guess a car drove by and dozing Milo spooked. Spooked worse when he realized he wasnt easily getting his foot out of the bucket. Spilled all its contents and pulled back on the pole. Luckily, I got him calmed down again and he didnt break anything (btw, we are still working on being SOLIDLY tied -like reliable).

Bucket attempt #2, Milo tried to yank his hoof out of the bucket again, got spooked by its clattering and banging around his hind legs, tie came undone and he pulled himself free from the pole. Ugh. No contents left in the bucket, but now I had to get him to be ok with his foot in the bucket.

Bucket attempt #3, Milo did not want the bucket coming near him. Spent some time desensitizing him to the bucket coming towards him, touching him, etc. Finally got his hoof calmly back into bucket. Milo gave small sigh of relief so I took his hoof out of the bucket and called it day. But made him stay tied to the pole a little while longer.

So my idea now is this: today, try and find an easy boot to fill with apple cider vinegar, hopefully someone at the barn will have one. I cant keep throwing money onto the ground with the bucket. Also, while I clean his pasture (estimated about twenty five minutes) I will keep Milo tied to the pole. That way, I can work on his tieing patience, but be right there if something goes ary.

Tonight I am leaving for Sekiu to fish, hopefully I can track someone down who may be able to soak Milo for me, or at least check on him... 

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