Thursday, July 29, 2010

Apple Cider Vinegar

ff track from Milo for a moment- today is my 20th birthday! Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday when I checked on Milo he was even more lame than before.

Ok, so I have a little incling that maybe Milo has an abscess. He isnt really showing any tell tale signs of one however, but nevertheless, I feel like it may just be that. So, Im planning on soaking his hoof in some apple cider vinegar to see what may come about from that.

I hate seeing my horse in distress. He is such an innocent little guy. Hes been so cuddlesome and sweet the past couple days, just giving me the pitiful eye. Its kind of nice actually, to enjoy a little time together, holding his face and rubbing on him. And him giving me cute little Milo kisses on my face. :) Sometimes its rather nice to be forced to take a step back and just enjoy what we have.

Wes and I are shceduled to leave Friday evening up to Sekiu for some fishing, and come back on Wednesday. And, being the worrisome Mom that I am, I fear I may not be able to enjoy myself knowing that something is going on with Milo. And if he requires something like abscess treatment where he needs a soak and pack everyday, Im afraid I cant pawn that job off to anyone else and expect it to diligently get done.

Oh confusing, mixed up birthday day that Im having. Poor Milo.

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Mare said...

Happy Birthday!!! sorry about Milo, those abscess are tricky. I like abscesses, though... They look SOOOO lame and then they drain and it's like immediate relief!