Saturday, August 7, 2010

Its Official: Im in the Market

For a new saddle pad. Ive tried working with the one(s) that I have and they keep leaving dry spots on Milo behind his shoulders. And I know its not the saddle because when I have tried other pads (like my friend's Professional's Choice) the sweat marks are as they should be. The Cashel pad(s) that I have arent working, the one that I mainly use is the Reverse Wedge, so it tapers to 1.5" on the front and 1" to the back. Its solid neoprene which I liked the idea of, but it traps the heat so bad it just wasnt working. I also have a straight Cashel pad (no taper) that isnt working well on him either. So, in the meantime, I think I will just use the about 1" wool pad I have (I was using it over the Cashel pad) until I can find/afford a Professional's Choice. Anyone selling or in the market? :)

In other news, I got to ride Milo for the first time in about two weeks today. It was great. Milo was frisky and it was raining, and we rode in the indoor arena. He was really good considering he was a bundle of energy. And strangely, he was very relaxed and fluid loping to the left, which is usually his bad side. He was even snorting with each stride.

I did think that he was a little stiff/sore on his hind end. He didnt feel to be favoring one leg over another, but he did feel just off. I think it could be the dramatic change in weather he just had in the last day and a half. It dropped from sunny skies in the 80s to rain in the 60s. So that could have effected something.

Lastly, Im not sure I will be able to go to the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Clinic next weekend on the 14th. Wes is going fishing since its the last week that King Salmon are open, therefore he will be taking the towing truck with him, leaving me high and dry to try and find a ride. I dont know of anyone that was planning on going however. So that really bums be out considering there wont be another clinic held until next summer, and I was hoping by next summer we could attend a few local competitions. But maybe I can just spend the rest of the summer going to cow sortings and hopefully the cattle shows at the Tacoma Unit this winter. Cross my fingers.

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