Thursday, July 22, 2010

Major and Milo

Yesterday I had the opportunity to ride my friend's horse, Major, while she is at orientation for college.

Working with other horses I believe puts horsemanship into a better perspective, allowing me to become a better rider. And while Major was a good boy, it makes me appreciate my own horse! Major is a WP machine, but opinionated. And he stepped on my foot and had a pleased look on his face. But, I still was happy with our ride, and actually got some impulsion out of him, not something he willingly offers.

As I led him back from the outdoor arena, with Milo in tow too, I had a very satisfied feeling. And might I add that both boys are so sweet together. We say they have a bro-mance. Both boys were listening really well to me. Than Major gave a big sigh and licked and chewed his lips. I think Major is accepting me which makes me happy because he is very finicy about who he likes.

I than rode Milo, and appreciated his sensitivity to my aids. He tries so hard for me.

Id also like to mention how much I continue to love riding in my new saddle. And whats kind of funny is that my thighs are hurting after riding which I believe is because the saddle is putting me in the position Im supposed to be, not what I was in the other saddle. So my muscles have to get used to this new way of riding, ha ha.

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rachel addison said...

LOL ! New saddle....