Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tail Rubbing

For the past err two weeks or so I have noticed Milo has been rubbing his tail. Initially, he wasnt actually rubbing any tail out, so I didnt worry about it so much. I still pondered why he was rubbing in the first place. He gets wormed every two months so it cant be that. He just must be itchy. So I was taking extra time in cleaning his tail, top and bottom, and fly spraying him to keep bugs away.

Well yesterday I noticed a big patch is rubbed out right on top. It nearly sent me into tears! Ive never had a horse rub their tail before, and Milo has such a nice tail (and used to be a nice top of tail too) and I would really hate to see him rub it all out :(

So, what are your suggestions on what to do? What to treat him with? HOW can I keep him from not rubbing???


Mare said...

A TB at my barn has terrible, and I MEAN TERRIBLE allergies and rubs almost the entire top of his tail out (which of course isn't very attractice). Usually he's only itchy during the spring/summer months. A lot of people see horses rubbing their tail and automatically think pinworms, but with a lot of horses, it's really just because of allergies, and their really just itchy. His owner got him a recommendation for some sort-of antihistamine from the vet and it helps, but it only HELPS because his allergies are so SEVERE.

The way you describe Milo, it doesn't sound like he's nearly as bad, but it's something to at least learn about and consider as something that might be the problem, especially if he's wormed reguarly and he's still so itchy. Hope this helps:)

paint_horse_milo said...

I noticed he had a lot of bug bites on the left side of his neck about a week ago and was super itchy. I gave him a tee tree oil bath and it seemed to help. Maybe I can just lather up with tail bone and dock with the tea tree oil?