Monday, March 1, 2010


Milo absolutely loves his turnout. Fortunetly, the turnouts for the lesson horses was empty so I threw Milo in one for about a half hour yesterday. And true to Milo and his love of turnout, it was photo worthy.

First he ate dirt. For a long time. This is really puzzling and kind of concerning me as to why he does this. He has a salt block in his stall that he uses, so whats up with eating dirt? Does he want to get sand colic and cost Mom an arm and a leg? Hmm... So he ate dirt than drank water, and proceeded to lick his lips and sputter out the water... haha

He than decided a good roll was in order, so he did that, than jumped into the air in is whole hearted (but weak) leap-bucks.

Found some nasty old hay he thought was a great morning snack, and looked at Mom with the crazy eye.

Took off into a mad gallop (and awful photo!) and ran to the top of a hill.

Snorted and puffed and thought he was tough on top of the hill.

Than posed for some regal photos.

Decided all was good in the world...

Than took off again for whatever reason. (thats the extent of Milo's extension!)

Than decided he was nice and dirty. And if I could please let him back into his breakfast now. Oh what a day. And what a special horse.

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