Friday, February 26, 2010

Better Update!

So I just got off the phone with my saddle fitter and body work gal, and she says that the sounds like the sweating on Milo's neck is caused from him releasing the tension through his neck and shoulders.

When she first came out and worked on Milo, she found that because of poor saddle fitting, Milo had created a hard rock of tension on his shoulders and at his poll. Now after a proper saddle fit, and through the first step of body work, she got him to release some tension on the left side of his poll, and encouraged me to work through his right side as that is a harder area for Milo and wasnt going to take one session.

So the sweating on his neck is actually him releasing his tension and working into the saddle and bridle, lifting his back and freeing his shoulder. The sweat comes from this and from him using new neck muscles he wasnt using before.

Very fascinating... and Im very glad to hear that this is all a GOOD thing and a right step towards a better "rehab" for him.

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Anonymous said...

That's neat! A horse I ride needs to use some more back and have a free shoulder.