Friday, February 26, 2010


Sorry this blog got neglected this past few weeks. Some things have come up, Ill suprise you all with the good news soon.

Well last Monday I had a lesson with Max that Brittany and I went to. It went really well, however we both thought that we would be working cows for part of it, and we didnt. But I think that was just a miscommunication from us as to what exactly we wanted the lesson to be about. But he did give us some good information and some good exercises to work on this week.

We are scheduled to have another lesson with him this coming Monday, and we need to call him and actually make sure that it will have cows involved this time. But both her week and mine have been pretty crazy so far and neither one of us has called yet! I should probably just do it today.

The plan is to take this second lesson on Monday on cows, and than the following week on Wednesday attend his Wednesday night cow class which consists of a group of about six people working cows. And than hopefully that weekend attend the final Ranch Sorting and Reining (schooling) show of the season. But we will see how it goes. And if the money comes in for me! While I should be getting a fairly healthy tax return, I was hoping on using it towards a down payment on a horse trailer.

So I got to ride Milo Wednesday night after work and he did well. I worked on some of the exercises Max gave us to do, and of course, kinda added and subtracted for what worked for Milo and I.

But Ive noticed in the past month or so that Milo's sweat patterns arent the way they used to be; he gets mostly sweaty on his neck first, and if I continue working him, than he sweats under the saddle and than finally low on his flanks. He used to start sweating first under the saddle area, than the neck, than the flanks.

I asked one of the barn instructors what this could be about on Wednesday night after my ride, and she said it was a big no-no. That the sweat forming on his neck first meant that he wasnt using his hind end properly. Hmm. Thats interesting because Milo uses his hind end a lot, and for the reining and cow work especially, he is an his hind end consistently. So the only other thought would be that I got this new saddle about a month ago and that was when the different sweat patterns started. I think I may need to get the saddle fitter out again for an evaluation and maybe another body check. Maybe the tax return can help cover that?

On another note, Ive also noticed his snaffle gets "caught" on his wolf teeth when I bridle and unbridle him. I looked in his mouth the other day and those wolf teeth were about a half inch long! They grew incredibly fast! Well, I have the Equine Dentist scheduled for later next month for a routine float (Milo hasnt had one yet-each spring when he gets his shots I ask the vet to feel around/look around in his mouth and let me know when he mey need his floating done. The vet advised that this year be the year). But looking at those wolf teeth I dont think they can stay in, unless they grind em down. Ugh more money from the tex return...

But ya know, Milo is worth it and he depends on me to keep him healthy and sound. What we do for our horses eh?

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