Saturday, February 20, 2010

I LOVE my horse!!

I say that often, but today I really really do mean it.

Milo has been such an interesting and fun horse to grow with. For both he and I.

As Ive stated before, I bought Milo as a very green three year old in the hopes of going to Pinto shows and excelling in western pleasure. Through the process of training Milo however he has shown me that he not only wishes to not do western pleasure, but that I dont want to anymore either!

He as also taught me a lot of patience. Ive always had patience with horses, you have to to get anywhere. But Milo has taught me a whole new level to that word. I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting into in buying a very green adolescent horse. He has really helped me become a better horsewoman. Its hard to describe exactly.

Today I had the amazing privilege of having the entire indoor arena to myself (not an easy task at a boarding barn of about 40 horses). I set up some cones to help me visually keep him round through an even loping circle. I did basic exercise; lope the circle x amount of times, than go large using the whole arena than back to a circle again. Very simple. But I forgot to mention it was dark out and Ive mentioned before that Milo does not particularly like the dark scary corners of the arena, and the shadows cast from the overhead lights.

But he got over it. What a good boy!! He got a couple good stares at the scary objects in the arena corners (mounting blocks, cavaletties, poles, etc all things hes seen before) than gave a big sigh and rounded his back and ribcage into a nice even lope. Both ways. Hes so smart.

It was a simple ride. But a good one. I love that!

I scratched all of his itchy spots and meticulously groomed him both before and after the ride. Milo really appreciates all of this extra quality time.

I guess the point I'm trying to get to is that I think my horse might actually be growing up. Milo will be six next month and I cant technically call him a baby anymore, or blame his childish antics on it either (although secretly thats why I love him. Its all the goofy tendencies and mannerisms I love). I think Milo might actually have realized that it is much easier to willingly do as Mom directs. And I know deep down he does like the work and attention. Even if he acts like he doesnt.

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