Friday, February 19, 2010

Couldnt ask for a better day!

It was absolutely splendid in WA today! The sun was out, and it hit nearly 60 degrees!! The horses were sure enjoying the warmth too; I took Milo's blanket off for a while so he could enjoy the warmth on his back.

Oddly enough he didnt run around like a psycho in turnout, he actually just rolled than hung out with his girlfriend Covergirl.

I had an excellent ride on him too. I worked on a simple reining pattern in the outdoor arena and he did great. Simple changes, small lope circle to large extended and was great. I rode in my friend's mecate rein set which Milo seemed to respond to pretty well. Ive been thinking about getting a set so it was nice to know how they feel to ride in.

I hung around the barn a while after riding and cleaned my tack box (literally cleaned the outside) and waited for Milo's sweat to dry so I could brush him out before putting his blanket back on.

"Oh HI Mom! I's all sweaty! Cookies??"

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