Saturday, March 6, 2010

Itchy Scratchies

Pretty uneventful day today; work, than a short session with Milo. Spent a while shedding him out, than went to ride. The ride was good, he was really "looky" at everything since it was dark out and we were alone (he still isnt sure about the covered arena at dark). So short ride.

But the reasoning behind this post is after the ride in the final grooming before putting him away. He is such a funny and expressive horse. As I was currying his back he kept throwing his head around to a spot on his off side (I didnt have him tied in the crossties). So I went to investigate and turns out he was real itchy. So I scratched and scratched and curried and scratched (quite a workout for me) until all of his itchies were gone. He kept pointing to another spot and encouraging more scartching. I swear he was going to fall over a few times he was so into the scratching. He even lifted his hind leg up in the air and kind of out, I assume much like a dog shaking its leg when scratching. Silly Milo. I wish I had gotten it video taped!

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