Friday, February 12, 2010

Nothing clever for a title...

Today was a very good day, considering the downpour of rain we experienced here. Due to which, Milo didnt get any turnout like normal on Fridays and was a bit upset with me. But after I finished cleaning, the sun miraculously came out for a while and while I took a break with a Vault, Milo got some turnout time in the soppy round pen.

After which, a friend of mine brought her three year old QH to the barn and we got to ride together (and thank God for our covered arena because the downpour than began again, and continued until, well right about now 3 hours later or so).

Milo was great today too; he was focused and moving well, Im so pleased with the results from his body work a few weeks ago, and the nice fitting of his new saddle! He moves so much free-r and easily, and its much easier for him now to really round himself with his whole body and give me much more control over every part of him.

He was really working into the bit today, much more than we have in the past few months. He was pretty cadenced at all three gaits, not perfect in the entirety but did very very well.

Later, my friend and I talked about the upcoming cow events. She is taking her horse to a ranch event this weekend to do some green horse/green rider sorting classes there, Im excited for her and cant wait to go myself. Wednesday nights now are open for cow classes with Max at the same facility the clinic was at, so Im going to try and attend those as the money comes....

All in all, today was a great day, productive, and fun. :)

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