Sunday, January 24, 2010


I noticed last Friday (the day we hauled into Diamond Hill for the clinic) I worked Milo on the ground and under saddle, but noticed while longing that Milo was resistant for picking up the right lead. I didnt think much of it, eventually getting his lead and than continuing on to the ride.

Than, the following Wednesday, I worked him on the ground again, and again noticed his reluctance to picking up the right lead, and thought maybe there was a behavioral thing going on with that. Again, eventually getting him to pick up the lead.

Friday, I worked him out in the outdoor arena, as mentioned in my previous post, and noticed yet again the reluctance in picking up the lope, and that he was overall rather sluggish in general (which could be due to the fact that the footing in the outdoor arena is much deeper). So I thought maybe hes still sore for the long workouts at the clinic last weekend, but than I remembered that he was reluctant for the lead before the clinic started.

So thinking back farther, I've made the realization that the soreness must stem from two Wednesdays ago, when the saddle fitter came out and informed me of Milo's first ribs being out (than fixed). So Im thinking that he could still be sore from the change in his ribs? Our barn has an equine chiropractor coming out in the next two weeks and I thought about signing him up for it, but if his lead reluctance is stemming from the previous blown (I dont think thats the right word, but thats what Im going to use) ribs, than chiropractic work may not be (?) the answer, and save quite a good chunk of money.

Anyways, my thoughts today are that I will wait and monitor his movements and lead departures in the coming week, and if he doenst have any improvements, probably sign up for him to be seen by the chiropractor.

I also would like to note that he isnt reluctant in picking up the lead under saddle. And my co-worker today made a good observation that since for who knows how long, he learned to move with his ribs out, now that they are corrected he kind of has to learn how to move comfortably again. But anyways, we will see how the coming days and workouts lead.

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