Sunday, January 31, 2010

Body Work and Saddle Fitting

Im so happy! I finally found a well fitting saddle for Milo at a great price! Its a Crates all around, and I had the saddle fitter and body work specialist come out this evening and she agrees the saddle fits well! Check that off the list!

So also worked on Milo's body, an his ribs were out again. He also has been holding a lot of tension in his neck and specifically in his poll, which she worked on. She got him to release well through the left side of his neck, but he was really tight and resistant on the right. So Ive got some work to do in the next three to four weeks until she comes back out again, and I hope I can continue it well. Anyways, its been a long day, I will keep this posted as he progresses!

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