Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mr Yellow

So there's a pretty funny story about Whizkey (Whiz). Remember one of my last few posts this summer before I went AWOL? It was about my horse trailer getting a flat, fender flare ripped off, and yada yada. So the woman I was with, I will call her Jackie, leases a boarding and "training" facility in Monroe, which is about an hour and a half away from me. I met her through another friend, had my own reservations about hauling with her and spending the weekend with her but thought "We'll see how this goes" and bit the bullet.

So you can read the full story on my post again if you'd like, but after we returned back to her barn after the trailer incident, she told me that the next day I "just had to see this colt in the barn". Who can deny 2 month old palomino cuteness? I visited with him and she commented that his dam was a direct daughter of Topsail Whiz ($6 million Hall of Fame Sire).

Woah. What? That peaked my interest. I asked who the sire was and she said Nu Steps to Cash. Hmm, sounds familiar. Aside from him being a Nu Chex to Cash son (a $2 million inducted sire),  I recognized his sire's name as a "local" reining stud. After digging in a little farther I discovered that Nu Chex to Cash is a direct son of Wimpys Little Step.

Wait. Shawn Flarida's stallion? $7 million Hall of Fame Inducted wimpy? Are we for reals saying this is the lineage of this adorable colt who keeps nosing my face. I talked with Jackie about the potential of his sale to which it sounded like either a) the owner was going to keep him herself to possibly stud out or b) Jackie would get in on a deal with him first. At any rate, I said to her then and there to consider my name in the running if they decide to sell or if she wanted to go in as co-owners with me. Of course, I figured this would never come to fruition. With his breeding there was no way I could afford to own this horse.

When Wes picked Milo, my trailer, and myself from Jackie's place I just had to show the yellow colt to him. He nodded, listening to my babble about the great breeding, blah blah. Finished with "you dont need another horse". And that was that.

Fast forward six months. I see a photo of a yellow colt on the Facebook Washington Horse Trade and Sale page. I sent his photo to Kathy, the mutual friend, and my new landlord in fact, asking "is this who I think it is?" She responded promptly with , "Yes!". Could I be seeing his asking price correctly: $2000? I refreshed my memory on his breeding and as I dove deeper and deeper into it discovered just what potential this colt had, and that siblings of only half his his breeding were going all day for $5500+.

"I have to get this colt" I texted Kathy. Would she go in on him with me? While two thousand was a steal, financially coming off a divorce was not the best time to be acquiring a new horse. Unfortunately, Kathy was not interested in buying him. "But," she said, "the owners said they would sell him to me for $1000. I might be able to get that price extended to you as well."

Wait a minute. The valued $5000 colt could be sold to me for $1000? I had to make this work.

Why was the colt so cheap? What was wrong with him? There's a lot of back story here too. So Jackie basically has gone off the deep end and has animal control on her back for primarily the condition of Kathy's previous horse, Poppy, who was found to be in emaciated condition, as were many other horses kept at her barn. Yellow colt and his Mama had left in October just as things were getting bad. Colt himself was in pretty decent condition (except for the the long toes, more on that in a moment), but add to the mess the fact that his owner didnt have much knowledge of foals (or horses for that matter) and had basically been doing nothing with him. Her cousin, actually, was trying to manage her own horses plus her cousin's four horses, yellow colt included. Simply, they just needed to reduce their board costs and as the cousin of the owner said, "he's just too nice to be sitting around."

Because Kathy was a part of a protest against Jackie for the condition of her old horse Poppy (to which colt's owner and cousin were involved in), their faith in Kathy's opinion of a good home (and the fact that he would be living at her place, since that is where I rent from) allowed the reduced price to be reflected towards me.

EEEPP! You mean this could actually happen? I can go get him???

Kathy, myself, and our friend Stephanie loaded up only three days later to go get the colt, on New Years Day. He amazingly loaded really well having only hauled once before with Mama, and now here we are. I'm learning more and more about little Whiz daily, like that he loves loves loves carrots, he is extremely sweet and affectionate, loves to be scratched between his "man boobs", and couldnt pick up his feet.

"I've been bribing him with carrots" owner's cousin said when we picked him up. Truly, she was leading him by dangling a carrot in front of his nose a few inches away to get him to come forward. She didnt have the time or the knowledge to teach him to pick up his hooves either, to which the poor now eight month old, had never had a trim. So, nightly with the light of a few bulbs on the outdoor round pen, I brought little Whizkey in to learn to pick up his feet so the farrier could come as soon as possible. And like a well bred and sensible sweet colt, he learned quickly, and by his first appointment won over the love of the horseshoer.

I am so excited to see where this colt is going to go.

And by the first of February, Milo will officially meet his "little brother", as they will share a shelter and pasture. :) More posts to follow.


Story said...

What a find! Obviously meant to be! Love that baby QH bum!

The Overanxious Girl said...

I squeeeeed out loud at that nose photo. What a cutie. Can't wait to hear more!