Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Amazing How Quickly Life Can Change

I can't believe i haven't posted since June.  Probably because life has changed so nuclear since then...and please bear with me on this post as i am writing from my smartphone.

In July things at home started going south fast,  and by mid August we had signed divorce papers.  I thankfully found a wonderful situation for me and the boys with a friend where i can rent and board the horses at her farm.

No worries,  I still have Milo (of course). In fact,  we are both doing well and added another boy to the family.

Meet Whizkey, aka Whiz. I bought him new years day.  He's 8 months old with an impressive pedigree including Topsoil Whiz, Wimpys Little Step, and Nu Chex to Cash. Obviously,  he is my new reining prospect.  My name choices right now for registration include Nu Top Shelf Whizkey, or Whizkey Ain't Wimpy. What do you think?


Story said...

So sorry about the giant lemmon life tried to throw you, but it sounds like you've totally got things under control and that's good news!

Holy cow, nice pedigree on Whiz! I had originally looked at a Topsail Cody before I ended up buying Page. I always wonder how different things might be now if I'd managed to snag him? Oh QH names, always so fun! I think I like your first choice, Nu Top Shalf Whizkey. He's cute as a button, hope we get to see tons more of him soon!

Mare said...

Your back! Yay!

Sorry to hear about the crappy part of life you've had to deal with but OMG baby is CUTE!

The Overanxious Girl said...

I'm so sorry you had to go through that. :( Nice to see you back on the Blogosphere. Cute baby!

Kalin said...

Happy you are back but sad life got complicated! :( Glad you are back around and doing okay. Adorable baby!

paint_horse_milo said...

Thanks guys! Its good to be back. Hard to find the courage and motivation to post again on here. Im amazed I got a few comments already, lol. Shows people still care! You'll be sure to see more activity again as Ill have so many posts with the new kid!