Monday, November 11, 2013

Raising the Roof! (So to speak)

I broke down in tears the other night. With daylight savings and carpooling the last week I wasnt getting home until dark or just barely before. That wasnt very condusive to getting anything done but feeding and the manure was piling up as well as the mud on my horse's necks. Add in the rain we received the last portion of the week and my mood was sinking, and sinking fast. Thursday night I ran out to the horses as soon as I was dropped off, trying to get in a few fractions of daylight longer. I grimaced as I saw the pool of mud and urine that poor Moose was standing in. I knew Milo wasnt too much farther off. I peeled back the soaking tarps that where "housing" my hay and broke out in sobs. My hay was wet and nearly ruined. I had already been ripping bales apart to discard the wet pieces from the dry and still usable. I trudged up the hill to Milo and although the mats were helping to keep his shelter halfway dry, the conditions were still muddy and wet. I continued to cry as I fed Moose and gave him a hug. Light had quickly faded away and I couldnt even get the wheelbarrow out in time. I cleaned Moose's paddock in the dark because since he has such little room anyway, I tried to give him a little more clean space to move around.

Feeling defeated, I headed back to the house for a warm shower. I texted the Husband along the way and let him know that I could NOT deal with this any longer. As it was, progress on the barn was pushed out until December with hunting season fast approaching. I was pleasantly surprised to get a phone call a little while later from such Husband, who said he went directly after work to the contractor's house, probably begging him to make time this weekend to put the roof up. An upset wife was definitely not something he was wanting to come home to and seemed to be the final push to get things done.

Saturday was slated to be the day the roof would finally go up. The metal had been ordered, and the lumber truck delivered it home. Saturday morning we were up bright and early setting up for the arrival of the contractors, just past daylight. They made quick work to get started and soon enough we were scrambling to have enough hands. By nine o'clock the Typar paper covered half the surface...

And we made quick work of placing the metal...

Did you know I am a forklift operator? Neither did I, but my job was the fork the contractor up and move him alongside the barn as needed. I was starting to get pretty handy with that thing!

By high-noon half the metal was up! And Milo looked on...

Work continued through the rest of the day to finish the other half. It was barely completed in time before the rain came (walking on those metal sheets in the slick rain would make for a horrible environment for the contractors). Light faded quickly to get a photo, but here is one I took this morning.

We are temporarily storing the F450, hay trailer, extra supplies, and horse trailer in it. Horses cant inhabit the structure until the county passes it's inspection and the barn still needs a few more pieces done before that can be scheduled. In the meantime, I have dry hay shelter and a covered grooming area now which is quite exciting!

Did you notice something else in the photo?

Look again.

Moose got moved! I was so surprised when I came home Sunday from an all day clinic (post to come) to find that Husband moved Moose's shelter to a much better location where there is natural drainage. Not only should this help against the mud, but he also built him a much stronger tarp shelter then the one he had previously. Although we hope the horses can move into the barn before Christmas, if things continue to get extended then Moose has a much better shelter for the weather to come.

Moose's efforts to be a llama

Quick story about Mr Moose. I got a phone call when I was less then a mile away from returning home with Milo from Husband, who frantically said "Moose got loose!" Oh brother, I thought, but was so close to home I didnt panic. I figured that with how much fuss Moose throws when we leave that as soon as we return he would be right by the trailer calling to Milo. And sure enough, as I pulled in the driveway Moose was grazing grass until he saw us, then circled the truck and trailer a few rounds until I caught him. Husband was not happy with the little guy saying he got loose earlier in the day too! Apparently when he moved the shelter he tied Moose up but not good enough because the knot came undone and Moose went straight for the grass again. He caught him that time no fuss (halter and lead attached) but I guess Moose would have non of him catching him the second time. I was told that the second escape was when Husband was placing stall mats in Moose's pen, and Moose pushed right past him and escaped out the open gate. I reminded Husband to not take Moose's adversary towards him too personally. After all, it took a long time for him to be totally comfortable with me, and that was after twice daily feedings, daily brushing, and lots of other additional love. Husband hasnt offered nearly half of that to Moose so why should he want to listen to him?

It's hard to be upset about it either way because I see the situation from both sides. But hopefully Moose doesnt learn to be an escape artist. Did I tell you a few weeks ago that he escaped once before?

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