Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Moose Diaries

Today the lady came out with the white stuff in the tube again. She started doing that a few days ago. At first I was startled, but I always get a carrot afterwards so I guess the powder water isnt so bad. I've had a tube in my mouth before for stuff, but this didnt taste the same. I get my carrot afterwards though which I really like.

I dont know why I get fed after the big horse up the hill though. I neigh louder then he does and I always neigh first. Maybe because he is bigger he needs it first? I pace the fenceline though and neigh to the lady each time I see her to make sure she doesnt forget about me. She always brings me food but she puts it off the ground now and its harder to get the hay out of. I figured out how to get my head in it so that was faster but then she raised it higher so I cant do that anymore. I toss it around a bit but it doesnt get the hay out faster.

I didnt realize the lady was gone until I was done with my hay. The sun was starting to come out so I stayed in the shade where it was less hot. I dozed for a while and eventually the lady came back. I called to her as soon as the big loud red horse came in my view but she didnt come right out to me. When she did she had the white tube of stuff again but I saw a carrot sticking out her back pocket. I knew she was going to spray the white stuff in my mouth again but I stood still knowing I would get my carrot afterwards. She cleaned and filled my water bucket then gave me hay again.

I ate while she messed around on the big horse's back. I cant imagine why he lets her do that. She hasnt tried to get on me yet but if she does I'm not sure I will let her like he does. She came back down the hill and I walked towards the fence. Maybe she had another carrot? She put the thing on my head again and took me out of my area. I like leaving my area, it gets boring walking around and digging at the dirt. I wish I could go see the big horse too.

She tied me to the big white box that I came here in. I dont mind being tied but I'd rather move around then stand still. I have to make sure I know where everything is and can see everything. She started brushing me again like she does everyday. I dont mind her doing it, it does feel good and she gets my itchies, but I'm still a little uncomfortable with being touched, especially on my right side. I'm not used to people being on my right side. She doesnt do anything too odd, but I like to turn and make sure she isnt going to do anything, and sometimes I try and put her back on the correct side but she doesnt listen. She picked up my hooves again too but didnt give it back as quick. I pulled away cause I lost my balance but she picked it up again. She scratched all my hooves with a pokey thing this time which was weird but ok.

Then she pulled out this long stinky black stick from the big white box. I dont remember seeing one before, but it wasnt doing anything. Then all of a sudden it started touching me too. It didnt do anything too bad, but I wasnt ready for it. Then it tickled me between my legs. I kicked at it cause it felt like a fly does but it didnt go away like flies do. I paused for a moment and it went away. It kept coming back though but I figured out that if I didnt move it went away. After a little bit she put me back in my area and took the thing off my head. I sniffed her hands because sometimes there are cookies in her hands. But I found none so I went back to my food.

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Marissa Rose said...

I just finished catching up on all of your posts! OMG YOU GOT A MINI!!! he is SOOOOO cute! and Moose is like the perfect name! So adorable!!! (and we demand wedding pictures!)