Monday, September 9, 2013

Good News!

I finally heard word back from my vet today - Moose does NOT have Strangles!

OMG when I was talking to the vet my heart was in my throat and then he said he DIDNT have it and a HUGE wave of relief came over me! I've already gotten pretty attached to him.... :)

He does not have the bad S word, but he has a form of strep. He actually have a few different strains of things but fortunately they are all very sensitive to medication and treating him shouldnt be an issue. There are a lot of routes we could take but my vet offered the most cost effective medication that he believes should do the trick no problem. Tomorrow I pick up his pills and drop off a fecal sample for worm count. Both those only totally $50! What a steal! Sure is nice when the dosage is much much smaller ;)

Moose-man you are going to be ok! Only ten days of treatment and you should be as healthy as a - horse!

Oh, and bonus! Vet said what he has isnt contagious! :)

I'm over the moon with relief and excitement!

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Mary said...

Oh boy! That is wonderful news! I am so happy for you. Thanks goodness it's not going to cost an arm and a leg too. Phew! I like the name Moose too!