Sunday, July 7, 2013

This Weekend's Progress

A lot of work happened around here this weekend so far. Yesterday I spent the morning spent weed-wacking while Future Husband did some "tree-wacking" of his own. The last tree in the arena area that was impeding a straight line was pushed down via the tractor.

Then FH proceeded to push more dirt in the arena to give us maximum space and get the area ready for fence posts. 

Angie supervised. 

The trusses for the barn were delivered, and Angie found them acceptable. 

And the barn posts were put in each hole...

And squared and leveled to perfection on Sunday!

(excuse the wee mess in the front - some left overs from Thursday's fireworks party we had here...)

I also busied myself Sunday early afternoon by drilling ALL of the holes for the arena fence posts. My was that a chore but it's done now and ready to sink into more post holes!

Measure, drill. Measure, drill. 

I think we are headed back out soon (needed a serious power nap and food from two days in the heat and yesterday we were outside from 9am-8pm STRAIGHT) to finish drilling the holes for the arena fence. 

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