Saturday, July 13, 2013

New Stuffz

Although we continue to busily work on our property (practically every waking moment), I thought I would take a step away from that topic for a moment today to tell you something else new in my horse world.

I joined the Kitsap Mounted Posse. For those not local, the Posse used to be part of the Sheriff's office, but due to budget and drifting away, they separated a few years ago and are now the "Mounted" posse. So what do they do and why did I decide to join? Well, you can learn more on their website at, but heres the rundown.

Although the posse is no longer affiliated as a Sheriff's mounted posse, they are active in volunteer organizations around the county, participate in parades, serve as fair and rodeo security, host local events like the Northwest Junior Rodeos, or Cowboy Mounted Shooting Events, and all around are a group of people dedicated to good horsemanship and the people involved in the community. Something I have felt a little left out of lately. Which is why I joined, really.

Aside from the parades, the Grand Entry at the Ellensburg Rodeo, and the CMSA events and clinics they hold, I really wanted to feel like a part of something again, but in a less competitive or demanding organization then I have been part of in the past. I have gotten to know a lot of the posse members the last few years by attending various events around here and have found them to be a great group of people I look forward to sharing a campfire with.

Along with being a part of something, I am really looking forward to being a part of their group's equestrian events too, dont get me wrong. I actually and looking forward to doing some riding events that are just for fun. The Posse holds a "Posse Playday" with fun gymkhana events, which I think really can be a good tool for Milo and I to get out and just have fun without the stress of competition. Not to mention though, the posse can help me get more info and involvement in our CMSA events around here, which I feel like is something I really want to do.

So, I'm sure you will eventually see posts about whats going on with "the Posse". Now you are in the loop!

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